Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Crow's Feet Revisited

This month I gave my blog a revamp. I finally got around to updating to the new templates, chose a new background (after trying out hundreds, like a typical woman in a shoe shop!) and then...

I stuck.

I looked at my name, "Crow's Feet" and felt frustrated. With a new look, new background, new pages (check out Scenic Scotland) the name suddenly looked OLD. It felt out of date and not relevant anymore. :-\

Then last week we drove down so that I could meet up with an Internet friend. The first thing she did when we met was hand me a little bag and say, "Happy Birthday! This is meant for you."

I opened it up and inside was...
the most wonderful silver bird on a chain.

Not a crow. This bird is a water bird, but I took one look at those adorable dangly feet and even though these are webbed I got the message - BIRD FEET. Goofy bird feet, smart feet, funny feet... crow's feet.

This weekend I started remembering why I chose that name in the first place. My blog title states that my writing is "a journey" that I'm taking with "crow's feet, in more ways than one."

What were those original ways?

The first one relates to how many crows I've come into contact with here in Scotland. Of the four houses we have lived in, three have come with resident crows. I'd forgotten to mention that the crow family are all still alive and well here at this house.

The second one is another I haven't mentioned on my blog in a long time - how Crow was given to me as a spiritual guide. I'd forgotten the blessings of Crow.

The third is a fairly obvious one - crow's feet wrinkles denote aging and (hopefully) maturity and experience. I'd forgotten that experience is an ongoing adventure. Sometimes the only way to tell how much progress we've made in life is to look back at our footprints trailing away behind us.

I looked back yesterday and was surprised to see how far I have come. It doesn't always feel like I'm getting anywhere, especially when I'm so busy struggling forwards that I forget to check my footprints.... which leads me to the fourth way.

This is one I've never blogged about... and had completely forgotten about. I started writing my first blog post in hospital. While I was in hospital I dreamt a crow landed on my bed, handed me a quill pen (crow feather, of course!) and told me, "Write!"

I'd forgotten that crow's feet are crow's words.

Thank you Ritva, for reminding me of who I am and how I fly.



Hayden said...

wonderful. absolutely wonderful. I love the way the reminder came at exactly the right moment, yes?

Amel said...

AHHHH...I LOVE this post!!! :-D It's true that our journeys are better understood when we look backwards and see how far we've's also applicable for learning a new language. Sometimes I feel that I get stuck, but when I start reading or listening to something, I'm amazed at how many more words I understand compared to a year ago (for example) he he he...

LOVE the bird and the rainbow pic! :-D

Betty Lindholm Navta said...


Love you, you Crow, you!


Michelle said...

Oh yes, Exactly the right timing. :-) And the funny thing with timing is you always get the answer when you need it, not whan you want it. LOL

Hi Amel
Thank you. :-)Oh yes, learning is a very good example of needing to look back to realise how far you've come. Gardening works like that too. :-) I tend to get so down with my nose to the ground that it's only at the end when I step away and look back at the garden that I can see how much I've done.

Take a big ((hug)), fellow bird writer. X

Lori said...

I love how your blogs name has meaning behind it...I love your words of wisdom in all of this...looking back at what you've come through...seeing that your journey is leading you to where you are suppose to be...very cool!

Rita A said...

Hah hah, this is funny: I find you / or you find me on the day when I am thinking of birds' feet. Just went to the bookshop, bought two books and they threw in a Disney character; Donald Duck. I got to thinking about webbed feet... :D

Anonymous said...

It is easier to see how others have grown than to note it of yourself. I have seen how you have grown, and certainly others have as well. I count that as a blessing to me and an inspiration. You've always been fun to watch! ;)


Michelle said...

Thanks Lori
Well, to be honest I can be a dumb and doubting journier. I do best when I just trust my feet to lead me, instead of trying to lead them... if that makes any sense? Trusting that everything does happen for the best.

Oh that is funny! :-) And my silver bird is from Finland too, so another circle in all these circles! I love it. :-)

Bless you, my dear daft friend. That really made my day. :-)

graceonline said...

What a beautiful post. From one crow/raven to another, well said, well done. So glad to have seen this today, especially. I've always loved the name of your blog. I popped in to read it the very first time, years ago now, on the basis of the name alone. The silver bird images throughout divine.

Michelle said...

Kathryn Grace, tThat was one of the nicest replies I've had on my blog. :-)

I remember meeting you through Standing Women, I think? I had no idea you were a Crow/Raven person too. At least... I don't think I remember that? My brain is more bunny than bird lately. ;-) All I do remember is that I always find reading your words leaves me better for the experience.

graceonline said...

Yes, I think it was Standing Women. Thank you for your supportive words and all the other ways you've supported so many of us over the years. Don't you love the way the web does it's job connecting us?

Unknown said...

I remember the first time I read your blog and how I loved its title before even reading and then subsequently loved your words

Michelle said...

K Grace
Very true and yes, the internet can be a worker of wonderful connections. :-)

Ahh, that's such a nice thing to say. :-D Big grin here!

RA said...

Oooh! Thank you Michelle for being you! :) No wonder the Moongoddess pendant didn't want to be bought.... :D

Michelle said...


Yes, I think we can safely say the bird knew it was needed to be a messenger once again. ;-)

tsduff said...

Just dropping in after all this time to say hey, and thanks for still posting once in a while. xo