Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mother Earth Prayer


of air and fire,
to weave desire
into everything we do;
make our hearts true.

be our needle

of stone and earth,
in us
a reconnection
to the land beneath our feet;
make us complete.

be our bridge

of woods and watery
teach us
equality through empathy
for all living creatures grand or lowly;
all life is holy.

be our balance

copyright ~ Michelle Frost



  1. Aho!
    Simply beautiful, Michelle! :o)

  2. Thank you. :-) I had inspiration from a writing place that sets you a challenge of words to use. This just leapt out of the word choices, for me.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks Michelle. Your words are an inspiration to me. I really enjoy your blog. :)

  4. Thank you, Janine. That was so nice to read.

    Truth is I only write things worth reading when I'm inspired by others myself. So it's a constant circle of us all needing each other. :-)

  5. AMEN to that, M!!! :-))) It's VERY true what you say about the constant circle of us needing each other. Beautifully put. :-)))

  6. Wow, such a lovely poem, Michelle. Think I will print it and use as a bookmark, if that's okay.

  7. Thanks Amel :-)

    Sure, I'd be happy to think of you using it as a bookmark. I know you'd be good and put my name on it. You were one of the very first people who took the time to find me and email me about my poem.

    Hey, if you get orders for bookmarks... I want royalties! LOL ;-D

  8. Thanks Michelle, if you ever have bookmarks of the *Mother Earth Prayer officially printed and made available, I would be the first to order a few (!).

    *Really Timeless.

    PS: Congrats for having it published in The World Prayers Project! :-)

  9. Hi there Michelle. I am so taken by this prayer for Mother Earth. I am asking if I could create a video of this prayer to share on my Nature video channel on Youtube and also on my FB page - The Living Earth Speaks. In the credits, at the end of the video, I will showcase your URL blog website, your image, and a short description about you.

    I feel that this prayer is simple and beautiful all at once and be said by anyone on a daily basis.

    I hope to hear from you soon. You may get in touch with me at:

    Oribel Divine

  10. Thank you Oribel. :-)

    You do such beautiful videos... I am honoured.

    I will email you.