Saturday, 5 February 2011


This week my dad had to go back to Aberdeen for a check up at the hospital. He had three appointments with different departments. It was a long day waiting at the hospital, but the wonderful news is that the specialist and doctors are very happy with Dad's progress. The X rays show that his lungs are still continuing to heal and he's actually in better shape than most men his age.

Dad's healing has truly been miraculous and I'm certain all the prayers and wishes of my friends and family went a long way to making that happen.

It's a long drive to Aberdeen, but the scenery along the way is very pretty. Winter isn't the best time to photograph scenery, so the photos I have up here are ones I took of the area last summer.
Very pretty to look at, but it's the place signs that I really enjoy looking out for when we travel. The names in Aberdeenshire are completely unique to themselves. I mean... would you want to live in Baldysquash?

Then there's the signpost that always makes me giggle - the one for Windyraw and Boghead.

Is there any message in the fact they're not that far from Nether Rashies?

Other ones I like include Meikle Wartle, Clovenstone, Kinmuck and OldMeldrum. Today I went and looked at Google maps, to check spelling, and found some new gems I'd not seen on the main road signs: Warthill House, Meikle Tarty, West Firbogs, Drum of Wartle, and one that truly made me burst out laughing...

Potts of Rayne.

You could think people in the area had a really odd sense of humour, but most of them are ancient names that have been changed over time, or just seem odd when read from a modern English language perspective. Whatever the case, it really does make a long drive far more entertaining.


  1. I am thankful to hear that your dad is doing so well. Those are some really funny names...thanks for the morning smile. :) XX

  2. Thanks Lori

    We're all so glad dad's doing well too. :-)

    I just love collecting weird place names and there are so many wonderfully odd ones around here.

  3. SO HAPPY to hear about your Dad. Nether Rashies sound so dangerous HI HI HI HI...:-D FUNNY names indeed! And LOVE the pics. They make me miss summer!!!!!!!!!

  4. congrats and good wishes for your dad's return to health - that's the BIG thing right there.

    LOVE the names. The only funny name I have to share is this: Alpena, MI. Like so many place names here, it was from the native americans locally. BUT - they got the word wrong. They thought it meant "Partridge country." Instead, it means --


    Half a partridge. LOL!



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