Sunday, 21 August 2011

In Remembery

Yesterday I was sent news that a schoolfriend of mine had passed away. It was a shock - I never even knew she'd been seriously ill. I've been thinking about the past times we shared, remembering so many things...

She was a good friend and, briefly in our early teens, a formidable enemy. She was a really good artist. She once saved a hamster from the school bully. She was creative, sensitive, passionate... complicated. She had fears and flaws, as we all do. I'm sure she grew out of a lot of them. I'm sure she found new "grown up" fears and flaws to replace them. That's what being human is all about, after all.

We muddle along - we do the best we can - we die.

It sounds a bit grim put so bluntly, but it's not that way at all. Being alive is a huge, and wonderful tapestry of happenings, choices, paths rejected and journeys taken. A human life isn't a book, it's a whole series!

I only knew her for a portion of her childhood and teenage volumes. We lived in the same town and stopped to chat over our adult years, but that was more like flicking through a few pages than reading the entire book. I don't really know who she grew up to be. I don't know who she was when she died.

What I do know is that she was a part of my life for many years and I can't remember those years without remembering her.

That's why this tribute isn't "in memory", but

In Remembery

For Jenni
1963 ~ 2011


Connie said...

I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, Michelle. So many lives are spun in and around and intertwined with our own, aren't they. It's amazing to think about.

Michelle said...

Thanks Daisy

Very true what you said.

Amel said...

Condolences about your friend's passing. :-((( Life has so many unexpected surprises, doesn't it?

Hayden said...

I'm sorry, Michelle.

At these moments we get 'real' about what matters, and our hearts stop in tribute to the difficulty and ecstatic joy of our journeys through life.

Like you say - it's complicated.

Michelle said...


((thank you))

Hi Hayden

"our hearts stop" ... beautifully put.

Best part of humans though - how complicated we are.

janine bock monaghan said...

Thank you Michelle for a lovely rememberancy.
You are right, she was a wonderful artist, I remember now.
love janine x x

Michelle said...

Hi Janine
Thanks for replying. I've been remembering so much this week... so many good memories!

Love (and a hug) to you :-)