Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Psychic abilities - ESP or JASP?

When I started writing this my idea was simple - take the label "psychic" and figure out what it means. Problem is the more I've read the less sure I am that anyone knows exactly what the word "psychic" is supposed to mean.

The dictionaries say:

psychic (sī'kĭk) n.
1. A person apparently responsive to psychic forces.
2. See medium.

Capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy. Or relating to such mental processes.

extrasensory perception
Perception that involves awareness of information about something (such as a person or event) not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience.

Knowledge or perception without the use of any of the five senses.

That brought me up short since scientists are saying we have more than five senses. Science now states that we have " between 14 and 20 different senses"*!

* Quoted from here

If scientists agree we have way more than 5 senses, is ESP really extrasensory at all? Are psychic abilities just a group of senses the scientists have yet to add to that now huge total of 14 to 20? Could the extraordinary just be an ordinary we don't have a standard test for yet? Maybe one day ESP will become JASP - Just Another Sensory Perception!

One thing I am certain of - there is nothing mystical or magical about what we currently label as "psychic abilities". I think they are as much a physical human ability as smelling a rose or hearing music. In fact, I'm sure of it.

Years back I read, in a local newspaper, how a man began to have so-called psychic abilities after falling off a ladder and hitting his head. If psychic abilities were "supernatural" why on earth would a physical thump on the head make a difference? At the time I stored the story in my brain under "unusual and interesting" and left it there. It might still be there except for the fact that recently I've read of another similar case as well as having my own personal experience related to this topic.

I think so-called psychic abilities are simply human talents we haven't found names for.. yet. Something no stranger than our abiilty to create music. Most people like listening to music. Some people compose and write glorious music. Some of us can sing beautifully, most of us belt out an average-bearable tune and some of us are tone-deaf dreadful. Just like singing some people are good at these things we label psychic and some are useless, but most of us have a certain basic ability or two. The difference is that schools teach music, they don't teach ESP!

Which, I think, makes me a karaoke psychic. : )


  1. Hi Michelle...nice article. I do a lot of 'psychic' stuff..read tarot, meditate, ect....I think the problem is that you can not quantify the transfer of thoughts...so there isn't a strict definition, and therefore no way to teach with our current form of teaching, unless we went with the whole jedi master route, which would be pretty cool.

    Anyhoo, just so you know I'll be adding you to my links soon when I get around to updating my blog!

    And thanks for reading my wierd little tale...Ray Bradbury is one of my favorites, so that comment made me smile!

  2. I always wanted to be a Jedi. It miffed me off a bit that they never had enough girl Jedis.

    You know, sometimes I also think that whatever part of the brain is used in thinks we call psychic is a part not related to thinking. I've noticed I tune in better when I let my mind tune out of thinking (like you do in meditation).

    I read cards too. :) Hubby bought me my first tarot cards, but I prefer a set I bought myself. The ones he bought me were very traditional tarot. The ones I bought myself are called the "Wicca pack". I got them on sale, which was an added bonus!

    I prefer them because they let my imagination wander more easily than the traditional cards.

  3. Hi. Very interesting article.
    I agree with you since they don't know what much of what our brain does yet, it could be very possible that there are unused portions of our brain which hold psychic abilities - that some people can tap into and others can't....

  4. Hi Random Magus

    "Very interesting article."

    Thanks. :)

  5. you should go and do some kind of psychich tests... i'm sure there'll be ones out there. just googled, so so many, do one and let me know of the results via my email. i'm interested.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion, Shan.

    I have a psychologist friend who ran some tests on me years ago. I did score high for intuition. Can't remember the rest now. If I ever get around to doing the online tests I'll let you know the results. :-)



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