Wednesday, 10 October 2007



Photo: Highland bull, taken by me several years ago.

There is a field of Aberdeen Angus cattle just behind our house. Cows, several calves.. and one bull.

Every time we drive past the field.. there he is. Standing by the gate or lying down by the gate. I'm not sure if he's there to stop things entering through the gate or exiting. Either way he's always there.

Yesterday when we were driving past we had to stop to let a tractor pass. It gave me the chance to really look at that bull in detail. He was lying down watching the cows and calves and he looked so.. content.

Utterly, completely CONTENT.

He doesn't care about anything except his field, the gate and his "family". He doesn't sit about worrying if there will be enough grass tomorrow. He doesn't fret that he's not the biggest bull.. or the strongest bull. He has no idea there are other bulls out there ans even if he did, he'd never think to compare himself. Neither does he worry about comparing anything else he has. Unlike us humans who worry constantly about comparing, our clothes, our careers, our homes.. this bull does not care.

He doesn't care if his field isn't the best. It is HIS field and it is good. It feeds him and his family enough. It gives shade and sun enough. He doesn't compare his offspring to others and worry that they're not in the best schools, not the most popular. They all look like him and I'm sure, by his smug gaze, that he thinks they are all BEAUTIFUL. It's pretty easy to guess he thinks all the cows are beautiful too - that's why he guards them!

He lives for this moment. Now. Today he has a field, twenty odd cows, calves who are made in his image, and sun shining on the spot where he likes to lie. He has enough and he is content.

..and we call him the "dumb animal"?


  1. LOVE this post AND pic, M!!!

    It makes me smile he he he he...

    Anyway, I have this VERY fun meme for you and I know you'll throw a WONDERFUL party he he he...

    Dinner Party Meme

  2. LOL! Love it! But he's a lucky old bull, Michelle! You know, he gets a letter from his cousin in Spain once in a while, and the tales that cousin tells would make your hair curl!

  3. Amel

    Thank you!

    LOL I was actually looking at our local bull and thinking he'd scare the bejeebers out of the bullfighters. He's pitch black and HUGE. When he stands up he towers over the gate. Truly magnificent animal.

    I could easily imagine his "cousin" having fun in Spain. ;-)

  4. I've always thought I'd like to come back as a spoiled house cat.... but this bull's life is sounding even better than that.

  5. Hi Tarot Reader

    Nice seeing a "new face". :-)

    I had a male friend who said he wanted to come back as a small fluffy dog.. because girls cuddle you and kiss you all day long. :-D

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I tried to email you back, but it didn't go through and I didn't see an option to email in your profle. Drop me an email through my profile? I love reading trees and am happy to read yours if you like. Also, I'd very much appreciate having my blog pass on to others!!!! I totally dig your blog, by the way.

  7. I got her site promoted on the blog. What else is blogging for if not networking? I tried to post an image from her site but it was impossible. Oh well.

    "I love the Cyprus trees and your brother's hat, but I will concede that I wouldn't have wanted to wear it either. ;-) " Those were tame costumes compared to what most people were running in. It's just an Austin thing, people there will dress up for any reason. And Bry hated the hat but loved the attention he got, nearly all runners passing him told him how cool it was and while he doesn't like to admit it, he did enjoy the attention. Dad wore a Hula skirt that we picked out for him, made him very popular at the marathon!

    I'm amazed by Nimoy's work. I can't say that I get it all, but it's cool to see an actor I've watched for so many years branching out and doing different things.

    As for your blog, hang in there, I think you have some very important messages for people to hear. I especially liked your Genesis post. So, maybe people don't come by as often as you'd like--we all like our blogs to be READ--but I think that when people do come around they leave with a seed and who knows, that seed may grow into something very special.

    Yes, I'm in Texas, southwest Texas to be exact. And there is a rumor that it's Fall but we think it must just be an old wive's tale. It's still HOT! We have two seasons, we call them Hot and Cool.

  8. i think that is precisely why american males... young ones anyway... refer to themselves as "doggs" there is no way they could compare to such a noble beast as this bull......

    very insightful.....

  9. Thanks Tarot Reader

    Hi Paisley
    Nice seeing you around. :-)
    I hadn't thought of that before. It's an interesting point of noticing what animals people associate themselves with. Tells you more about them than they probably realise.

  10. great post! sorry I haven't been around in a while. Love the bull, it's so true, they are content with what they are.

    To reply to your dinner post here, I am still in love with Leonard Nimoy, so great choice!



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