Friday, 13 March 2009

Fabulous Feedback

... I've finally reached the stage where readers are coming back with comments and the feedback so far have been just amazing. Not only do people like it, they get it. They get the characters and the unspoken things I wove between the words. To have your readers "get" what you were aiming to say is just... mind blowing!

This was the part I was both longing for and dreading. This is where all the questions in your head are finally answered. Questions like: "Are the characters believable?", "Did I give too much away and spoil the mysteries?" or "Was I too subtle and the mysteries weren't understood?"

I know there will be people who won't like it, That's natural, people have different tastes. At this stage I'm simply happy that not only those who like Science Fiction/Fantasy like my book, but even people who aren't that keen on the genre are returning with positive feedback. I'm going to post a few portions of replies here, to blatantly wallow in my own smugness. :-)

"You actually got me thinking about some other story than Twilight...and that hasn't happened since before Christmas.

well done believable bad guys...all beautifully acceptable within their cultural norms... wonderful.

I love your characters...they are travelling with me during my day, tickling my mind with their mysteries..."
~ P W ~
... "Errors pick up this book, and see the people, and you just get engrossed and want to learn how their stories unfold and what happens to them. You just don't want to put it down till you Know How They Are.

...i was going to finish, or read more today, but i couldn't wait, so i started reading again and finished this Wonderful Book at 4 this morning. I do NOT stay up till 4 am any more, till yesterday/uh, this morning. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!"
~ L J ~
"I loved your book!!! You did a wonderful job of plot development, character development, etc. The ending was very moving and I had tears in my eyes when I finished. In my mind the mark of a very good book is when you feel satisfied with the ending but sad when it ends cuz the story is so good you want it to go on and on ... and that is how I feel about this one - can NOT wait until the next story comes out ... are you working on it yet ???"
~ D M ~
..."I was thinking that I should drop you a line to say:-

a) I’m *seriously* impressed
b) I’m reading it again – first time I’ve re-read a book immediately after reading it in ages
c) I’m telling everyone I know that real talent comes from Zimbabwe!"
~ M B ~
"The book was excellent.
In the fantasy genre, but not limited to fantasy ... a whole world, with its own history and mythology, compelling characters, whose stories she has interwoven to create a delightful journey for the reader through a moment in time when all the characters' stories come together... and how that all turns out, requires you to read the book."



  1. Hi Michelle. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Email and I'll fill you in and answers your questions.

    mimiwrites2005 at yahoo

  2. I'm very happy for you, Michelle. That must be such a great feeling. :)

  3. That's a sweet deal you got going on.

  4. Mimi
    Thank you for remembering.

    It is wonderful, still doesn't feel real at times.

    Derik and Sadiq
    Thank you. :-)



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