Wednesday, 11 March 2009

To all Bloggers

I'm re doing my Blog layout and have created a new list for Bloggers that create and sell wonderful things. I'll be moving some, like Rima and Vita, from "Blogs I Love" to "Blogs that Sell Wonders".

If anyone else wants their creations or craft blog listed, please let me know.


  1. Thanks for adding me to your "blogs I love" list! I have another blog that I'd love it if you could list it under your "blogs that sell wonders" list :) It's :)

    Oh! And as for your friends that are on etsy - I'd love to see their shops and have you link them to mine :) I actually have two shops. My main is and then my new one that I share with my Mom is :) thanks!

  2. Rose (is it ok to call you just Rose?) I'll pop the etsy links on one of your blog posts. :-)

    I have put your one jewelry blog up in my new blog list, but not sure which one it is. Check and see if that's the one you want up and if not, I'll change it or add the other? Let me know.

  3. See,
    Now that is a bit more motivation to get going again.
    I will have to send you a few samples when I am up and running again to see what you think; I hope you like it...
    I will know more after 15 Apr. when we find out if we will be here longer or moving again.



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