Thursday, 26 March 2009

He's back :-)

Last year I wrote several updates on the adventures of the wild rabbit who took over our garden. We first discovered him, as a tiny baby bun, sleeping in my herbs (Potted Rabbit) ...

Over last summer he ended up prefering to snooze under our barbecue (Barbecue Bun) as a "teen"...
Well, he disappeared last autumn and I figured that was it, but this weekend I look out the window and... there he was!

I had to take this photo at a distance, so he's a bit blurry. He's also a LOT bigger.

Welcome home Bun Boy. :-)


  1. He knows a good home when he sees it! :D

  2. Yea!!!!!!!!!!! What a good bunny!

  3. He cracks me up. He was LYING on the grass eating clover yesterday. I mean as in on his side flat out, nibble-sideways casual style.

    I forgot to add that I know it's the same bunny as he has a scar above his one eye. It happened last year. I never blogged about it as, for a while, we thought he might die and didn't want to blog that and depress everyone. He came in one day, eye all swollen, but he recuperated and now all there is left is a scar/lump above one eye. I'm glad he's made it through his first winter, he's such a character. :-)

  4. Bun Boy keeps coming back. He must be a good judge of character.

  5. He sounds like a cat! I love it. How cool to have such a comfy bunny in the yard.

    I used to see the occasional cotton tail in the yard but I haven't seen one in years.

  6. OHOOHHHH...look how big he is!!! :-D

  7. He's a cutie and obviously feels safe in your yard! How fun!!
    (Came over from my good friend Wixy's blog!)

  8. He's back, he's bigger, and he's ready to dine on some more of your herbs!! HA!

  9. Cliff
    Thank you. :-)

    In Africa we had wild rabbits in our area, but only saw them very rarely - Africa's a scary place to be a small edible creature and they are VERY wary.

    He has grown!

    Hi Shellmo
    Welcome over. Sorry I took so long to reply here. Blogger isn't notifying me of replies recently. :-(I love your profile pic. That's a beautiful cat. :-)

    Daisy.. LOL I'll have to put my rose even higher this year. Last year i had to put the pot onto a brick to stop him nibbling it. THis year I might need three!!



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