Thursday 15 September 2011

Can you Imagine?

Watch the video first, please. It really is worth it.

Can you imagine...
being in a war and having to leave your baby in a box?

Can you imagine...
being willing to give a lost child a home?

Can you imagine...
What an amazing woman their mom truly is?

Can you imagine...
growing up "different" in a different land/language/culture
still being so vibrant, upbeat and willing to try?

Can you imagine what you could do,
who you could become,
if you were just willing
to imagine?


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I don't watch television so would never have seen this, even though currently I am living in Australia.
    Am going to have to share on my page Michelle, the more people who see this the better, one day I believe we will get it, I will it everyday, that peace will come ♥

  2. It's wnderful, isn't it? Makes me teary-eyed every time I watch it.

    So glad you shared it too, it's so worth sharing the good miraculous side that's out thre. Too many negatives on TV and the news! We need to know there is love, there is hope for a better world.


  3. LOVE this video clip and also your questions. I salute the mother. :-)))



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