Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Storm Cleaning

I'm watching the news this morning for a personal reason - friends of mine live in the area of the fires in Texas. I'll be keeping them, and their loved ones, in my prayers and thoughts today.

It feels like a strange "full circle", since it wasn't that long ago I was watching the news and praying for two friends who lived in the path of Japan's Tsunami. Now I see there's been a Typhoon in Japan as well.

Fire and Water... what a year this has been!Nature seems determined to shake things up, with Earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, droughts and fires. It feels as if we're taking part in some huge "spring-cleaning "frenzy... or is that a "Storm Cleaning? With Mother Earth and the Heavens above want to turn us upside down and inside out. Together they're dusting out all the corners, shaking out the cushions and scrubbing us all down to the bones and stones till we're rubbed raw.

I was reading a friend's blog this morning and I started thinking back over the last 12 months... my dad in hospital twice with life-threatening illnesses, my mom-in-law's passing alongside my parents celebrating 50 golden years of marriage the same month. Me with this ongoing unknown illness and so many friends and family facing everything from cancer to eviction. The threat of losing everything looming over so many... is it a cleaning or a cleansing? Maybe both?

Do we sometimes need our souls turned upside down to get all the fusty dust whacked out of them? We can get really fusty and dusty, us humans who like our safe unchanging routines. As a species we don't like change - we prefer going nowhere, even if our lives are boring and pointless.

But it seems as if both the Heavens Above and the Earth Below are determined to change that. From revelations in banking and politics forcing us to really look at how we run this planet to illnesses and the recession forcing us to really look at our personal lives. Change is unavoidable. Is that why we're being shaken about so much this year? It's as if everything is conspiring to force us all to not settle for 'going nowhere' - we have no choice but to change.

It feels like all these "storms" are busy cleaning and cleansing us out as well as the Planet. And if that is true... then what lies waiting for us all beyond this year?

All storms end with a rainbow.



  1. Reading through some of your posts, I realise what sadness and pain you've been through. When the dusting and the shaking settles, I hope it's all better for you x x

  2. Thanks G~G

    and take an extra ((hug))

    PS - http://crows-feet.blogspot.com/2011/09/need-somebody.html


  3. Life is really full of surprises - both nice and sad ones. I LOVE this post and how you end it with a rainbow. :-)))

  4. Thanks Amel
    I've got a new blog! I moved all my Peace thimble stuff to it's own blog - it was getting too big.

    Got some nice things there, if you ever have time to browse. :-)



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