Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fish Fingers, Bluebell Hands and Tea Trays in the Andes

I've been on my new medication for two weeks now and the results have been... interesting. My hands are more flexible, but I still have to be careful. I can wiggle my fingers again, I can type again (yay!!), but any long-time pressure still brings pain. What do I mean by that? Well, anything I hold or touch for long hurts.

Like this Friday when we went shopping. I could pick up things easily, but holding anything for long becomes more and more painful. Holding the grocery list, a little scrap of paper, became utterly unbearable before we'd gone through two aisles at the supermarket. I had to keep putting it down, swapping hands, to cope with the pain.

I feel like a variation of the Little Mermaid story - the original version where every time she walked on her new feet it felt like walking on knives. Only for me my "mermaid curse" is in my fingers rather than my feet... I have fish fingers disease!

The medication also warn that it causes drowsiness. During the day I am feeling a bit... "spaced", but since Hubby's doing the dangerous parts of cooking (hot oil frying, chopping and slicing) and I don't drive that's been okay. It's at night where it gets really interesting.

At night I'm sort of hallucinating between sleeping, like the boundaries between dreaming and awake are all wobbly. The one night I realised I was sitting on the edge of the bed putting beads into drawers. ?? No beads... no drawers! I've also woken in the night thinking, "Wow, 3D dreams!" but sadly I can't remember what was so exciting about that.

The weirdest was when I woke up with bad pain and was sitting on the bed with my hands sort of hanging over the edge (helps to ease the pain sometimes). I looked at my hands in the dark.. and they were glowing and I realised my hands and fingers were made of bluebells. I knew that it was a hallucination, but I still enjoyed looking at them until it faded.

So far this has only happened at night, but if I should write a blog post telling you all that I'm writing this on a tea tray in the Andes... you'll know why! ;-)



  1. maybe go further into the dreams?

  2. Oh dear...hallucinating? Hands and fingers made of bluebells sound intriguing. No wonder you enjoyed looking at them until it faded. :-D

    I'm glad you can type again, but I grimace at the though of the Little Mermaid analogy. Ouch...

    Anyway, LOVE that cat picture he he he...SO adorable! :-D Come visit my blog if you have time. I've just got a nice surprise! :-D



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