Sunday 4 September 2011

General Update on Everything :-)

I can finally update on what's been going on in the "Crow's nest". Why? Because I started a new medication last week and... I have finger use again! I'm so thrilled I could dance around the room.

For last two weeks the pain has been so bad I can only write in short sections. Nights have been even worse. I could only stay asleep 10-15 minutes before I had to sit up in PAIN and wait for the pain to go. Incredible pain... never had anything like this. Feels like I stuck my hands in snow for an hour and then put them in hot water. I'd reached the stage where I couldn't even hold a knife and fork for longer than a few bites, now I can eat a whole meal. My hands are still numb and pins-needles, but no pain. Being able to use them again is just fantastic.

The medication is one used for epilepsy and nerve damage. It's only an interim measure, while I wait to see the specialists so that someone can figure out what this is and how to treat it long term. On the plus side all those blood tests have shown that my liver, heart, kidneys, etc are all good. No sign of arthritis, nothing except a muscle enzyme that keeps zooming off the charts. It's an enzyme that rises if you overdo exercise, like run a marathon kind of thing. First blood tests results, the doctor asked me if I'd done "extreme exercise" the day before. I packed out laughing! I have NEVER done any sport-exercise in the extreme. So very weird.

My dad's doing good. He got his operation test results back - it was cancer, but the surgeon is very pleased as it was early stages and he's confident they cut it all out. He wants to see dad in 6 months time. Mom is still waiting for that hip surgery. She's all packed ready and hoping it'll be sooner rather than later!

Today hubby and I went for a walk. The brambleberries are starting to ripen. Bramble and Apple crumble soon! I'll have to get him to help me with that. He's still helping me with the cooking - chopping veggies with numb fingers? Too dangerous! He still has to help me dress, since I can't feel buttons or clips. He's also the only person who can drive at the moment so he's pretty busy with three sets of doctor's appointments and three sets of shopping demands. He's been brilliant, helping all three of us "sick people" in all sorts of ways.

It was warm and sunny all day here, but the brambleberries and the turning leaves made me realise Autumn is really on the way.

This has been a hard long year for us, and for many of the people I know. I hope, just like Nature, this autumn brings us all a harvest of all sorts of good things, blessings and bounty. ... ..:-).


  1. Michelle, I'm so glad to hear that the pain is gone from your fingers so that you can use them again. You've been through quite an ordeal, it seems to me. Glad to hear your Dad is doing OK too. Bless your dear husband who has been someone you can count on through all of this too!

  2. Thanks Daisy

    This year certainly has been challenging!

    love and hugs

  3. I had an experience with my right hand this summer when I was doing a lot of physical work at my house in Atlanta that sounds similar. It was so bad that I could not hold things or close my fingers and at night it would wake me with the most extreme pain. I wanted to scream it was so awful and when I talked to my friend who is a physical therapist in the US, she said it was likely a nerve in my neck causing the problem. She said lying down at night made everything swell putting pressure on the pinched nerve in my neck and that was why I would wake in agony. I had to sleep sitting up. I stopped using it as much possible for a few weeks and was careful with my head and neck position and it just went away. I also slept with a rolled up hand towel in my pillow case to keep my neck at an angle she suggested and that helped as much as anything. Have your doctors considered it might originate from your neck or spine? Forgive me if I've missed an answer to this in a previous post. I hope the pain resolves soon. I know mine was debilitating and scary.

  4. Dear Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for this! I have been thinking the same myself and I've even nagged my doctor about it, but he's not taken it up so... I'm off to see a chiropractor tomorrow. I'll take this info with me.

    In fairness to my doctor - my blood test results are still a bit whacky and I have bad water retention. I can't bend my ankles some days I'm so tight in my own skin. So his focus is on fixing the main cause - got me on the list to see specialists, but the NHS isn't exactly speedy. :-\

    Thank you again. I'll pop by your blog and update you if the chiro helps.




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