Friday 29 June 2012

God is a Watch

Steampunk Spiritual.. ;-)

God is a watch and we're the parts inside
Time moves on when we collectively wind
The closer we work
The further divine
This is how the universe is designed

God is a watch and we're the parts inside
Turn the wrong direction and the gears will grind
Keep running the course and the gears will bind
This is when the watch stops keeping time

You can build this world up
Or you can tear it apart
We are the muscles in the maker's arms

You can kill the girl
Or you can keep her from harm
We are the life blood running through the master's heart

God is a watch and we're the parts inside
In order to work it takes all kinds
Different gears of every shape and size
Help the watch to keep perfect time

So if you go searching for the meaning of life
No need to look to far
Just take a look inside
The meaning of life is hidden in plain sight
The meaning of life is what your actions define

God is a watch and we're the parts inside
How the mechanism works is hard to comprehend
But if we make the watch stop
Then the world will end
And we'll all start over from nothing again...

Music Copyright 2011 The Melting Clock

From the album "One Tiny Gear" due out in Spring 2012.
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  1. Thinking of you, M. LOVE the lyrics of the song. Not sure I like how the song is...dunno why it sounds a bit spooky to me (maybe I've been watching too many horror movies so I associate some of the sounds to horror HA HA). Anyway, hope you're doing OK there!!!

  2. hi
    yes, it is kind of creepy video, but i really like the lyrics and the tune is kind of catchy.. mesmerising. :-)



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