Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Book Trailer!

My book trailer is finally up on YouTube... after a month of computer crashes, software seizures and long hard work. 

It might seem strange that 3 minutes of video could take weeks and weeks of hard work, but every detail of clothing, hair, eyes, clouds, buildings... everything was created or altered in some form or another. It was a lot of work, but I'm really pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy watching it. :-)


  1. It's an awesome trailer. I can see where a lot of work was involved b/c you have stream all those words, pictures, images and music together. It makes me want to buy the book :)

  2. Thanks Vince. :-)

    Yes, you got it spot on about why it was such hard work - figuring what to say... how to say it and then having to create pictures that work with the ideas... :-X Mind-boggling!

  3. Definitely one of my favourite books. Going to read it again now. =D (Still waiting for the next instalment!)

  4. Dang! I got all excited thinking it was the trailer for the NEW book! :) Off to watch anyway. Was planning a reread. Now would be a good time.

  5. Gorgeous and beautifully done! Excellent work, Michelle!

  6. Tat and Tint

    Thank you. ((GROUP HUG))!! :-D

    I have started book 2, I so know what I want to write, but up till last month my hands just would not cope with morethan a page of writing a day. So... it has been SLOWWWW. I am doing it. Don't despair.

    Hi Betty
    Thank you. take a hug too :-)

  7. Will you sign my Kindle? ;)

  8. Jeff
    You buy the ebook and I'll send you a


    Actually... I have like at least 20 real bookmarks lurking in a cupboard somewhere. I sent several of the real book to a book fair in Florida with about 30 bookmarks in 2009. I had to order a 100 of the things. Family have reached bookmark saturation levels. So you really could have a real bookmark, if you like... sell ten ebooks? :-D

    Hey, I can try! ;-P



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