Thursday 21 June 2012

Quick Update

Hi Everyone

A quick update to say tht I'm still having some computer woes.\ A whole two months of hiccups, crashes, new hardware and still sorting out things here. So far the good news is I've lost nothing (as far as I know!), but I'm still trying to find where some of my rescued emails and folders are...

On top of that I probably will be having that wrist surgery next Wednesday, which means that even when I'm ready to write on my blog I might not be able to.

 Oh well... enjoy your summer and I'll be back when I can, to post whatever I can.


  1. I hope your wrist surgery is a huge success and you heal quickly and completely!

  2. Get well soon, we will miss you while you are away!!

  3. HAPPY to hear about the surgery's schedule that you'd been waiting for a long time. Hope the surgery goes smoothly as well as the recovery. Take good care of yourself. You'll be SO missed!!!! Until then...:-D



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