Sunday 27 April 2014

Book Snatch Interview: Michelle Frost

I've been interviewed about writing, my books and myself.

Book Snatch Interview: Michelle Frost:        

I was born and grew up in Africa. Then I married a Scot and moved to the far North of the world. That colours my writing. The o...


  1. I've always wanted to write ever since I was a kid, too! I loved reading and listening to stories he he he...

    And it's SUPER COOL that you've got to find the teacher who believed you were going to be a writer. :-D

    Oh my, I didn't know how you got proposed. You had never heard his voice? WOW...just WOW! :-D

    Love getting to know you better! :-)

  2. I bet one day you write an autobiography about your adeventures and romance of moving to Finland. I'd buy it! :-))



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