Monday 28 April 2014

Is it Me?

Or are blogs becoming dinosaurs? It seems as if everyone has moved to the frantic single line, one picture twitching frenetic worlds of Twitter, Facebook and all.

I'm as much to blame. Facebook is easy. I can access everyone from old school friends and family around the world to my favourite bloggers and long time internet friends all in one place. It's a lot easier posting one line than an entire, well crafted and thoughtful blog post. It takes longer to read a full blog post.

Is the world speeding up or are we simply a species where the novelty wears off and we move on to the next trend. What will we be doing when Twitter is boring and Facebook is obsolete? Which may be fairly soon, since the recent changes on Facebook are making it as much fun as standing in a busy queue!

Who knows... maybe the next trend will be to buy pretty paper and write real letters for a change. Remember them? Did you ever buy the fancy writing paper simply to own it? I did. I still have some of that. :-) Paper that inspired you simply by its beauty.

Blogging at least had beauty... Twitter and the rest do not.


  1. I remember buying pretty paper just to own it... And getting excited when I got to use it to send a real letter...

    You're right, and I think I'm especially guilty. I think we just get swept away in trends and doing things the easy way that we forget the pleasure of doing things the, perhaps longer, but (a lot of the time) more interesting ways...

  2. I was looking back at my old blogs a couple of days ago and thinking much the same thing. Sadly, my creativity took a nosedive when I left Brazil for some obscure reason. I think it's because I found myself in a world that wasn't my own and constantly having to be aware of protecting the privacy of people around me definitely had me clamping down on what I could write. I miss that :)

  3. I know what you mean, Tint. The first five years here were hard. You lose your sense of self and in trying to "fit in" you lose your voice. It took me about five years before I started blogging here and I'd say it's only been the last two years I've not felt a stranger. Not that people aren't friendly! They are friendly, but moving... it takes a chunk of you and scatters it about.

  4. Hi Michelle; Not only do I miss my blog, but I miss the creativity, thought and enjoyment I took in both posting and interacting with the folks that visited... some of whom I am still close friends with today. What I have always feared has happened! I've become to busy to make time for myself. The pictures I love to create are now posted in a hasty status on Facebook, not inviting the comments and thoughtful opinions I treasure. I see myself as lazy, ignoring the one output of "art" which I was good at. Now I have no outlets - instead I am a complete consumer, and not a producer of art. :( ~sigh~ - it is so sad.

  5. Hi Terry

    I know. Very similar feelings here. I miss the "golden blog era" :(

  6. I'm still blogging regularly. What I actually wasn't expecting was that I blog more often in my infertility blog ha ha ha first I thought I would just share some bits and pieces there, but turns out I have A LOT to say/share in that blog. I even feel these days that I'm splitting myself into two: the more thoughtful/contemplative side is thrown in my IF blog, whereas the other parts of me are shown in my main blog LOL!!!

    It's true that there aren't as many active bloggers anymore, but I've found more friends through my IF blog. It's also true that keeping in touch with others via FB is easier, but I tend to get more exhausted faster there, because I need to feel that I'm "having a proper conversation" with people in order to recharge versus chit-chatting in bits and pieces the way I feel in FB. So I still prefer blogging compared to FB. I have a Twitter account but never use it anymore (brevity isn't my strong point as you can see from this comment LOL!!!)

  7. LOL Amel brevity isn't mine eithe! ;)

    FB has its uses, but blogging is far nicer. :-)



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