Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter Outings

Last Friday the weather was perfect, so we packed up a picnic and went for a drive into the mountains. We stopped here for our lunch, Loch Laggan.

If you click on the photos you'll get the bigger resolution. :)

There was a beach across the loch.

I took a close up zoom photo, as well.

Here's another view towards Ardverikie Estate. The house is on the far shore, below that mountain.   

Ardverikie was made famous by the TV show "Monarch of the Glen." Here's a photo of the house, from Wikipedia.

There was still a bit of snow on the mountains. We stopped here, along the Spean river, just above the dam.

I made the photos into a panorama. :-) You'll need to click on it to view it properly.


  1. Beautiful estate and surroundings. THANKS for sharing! :-)

  2. I wish I could have taken more photos of the mountains, but the roads were very busy and most parking areas were full.



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