Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Five Favourite Movies

Holly posed a great fun question on her blog:

What are the top three to five movies you never miss when they are on tv, or wherever, BUT would not readily share with the general public the degree of your affection for?

Here's my list of those movies I just can't resist...

1. Men In Black and Men in Black II

It's the combination of clever quirky humour, ridiculous aliens and the marvelous paring of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, two actors I love. I must confess that even after way too many viewings I crack up every time I see the tiny furry aliens worshipping Tommy Lee's wristwatch in his locker. :-D

2. A Christmas Carol

Either the 1951 version with Alastair Sim or the more recent TV movie with Patrick Stewart. My favourite festive movie.

3. As Good As it Gets

My most favourite romance. Some surprisingly beautiful scenes and lines hidden amongst the humour. Jack Nicholson at his best being crass and sensitive at the same time, Helen Hunt is excellent, as always, but it's Verdell the dog who makes the movie for me. The scene where Melvin realises Verdell won't walk on cracks and the part where he chooses Melvin over Simon are just so cute and funny.

4. Twister

I never tire of seeing the awesome special effects in this one and the romance between Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton adds interest.

5. Steel Magnolias

One of the best "strong women" movies ever made. An awesome line up of wonderful actresses and delightful bitter-sweet humour.

So what are your favourite "watch over and over" movies? ;-)


74WIXYgrad said...

My faves?
American Graffiti

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod! I love Steel Magnolias too. Also, As Good As It Gets has one of my favorite love scenes: When Melvin is telling the Helen Hunt character something like, "I watch you serve the people their food, and they don't get that they just met the greatest person alive. And the fact that I get it makes me feel good about me." *sigh*

graceonline said...

Only one--Pretty Woman. I love that moment when she's wearing the red gown and he snaps the clamshell jewelry box shut, eliciting a glorious laugh. Such a happy, delighted laugh. I love how, just by being herself, she helps the nearly soul-dead man reclaim himself, discover his capacity for feeling loss and love. I especially love how, when she has given up so much material wealth because it wasn't nearly what she wanted, she gives all that she has to her friend, knowing her friend probably will use it for drugs, but giving her the chance anyway.

Michelle said...

Hi Grace

You know I've never seen that movie! For some reason it's become the movie I always miss seeing. Reading your description I'm realising that I truly have missed on not seeing it. I'll have to rectify that.

Michelle said...

Hi Cliff

oooh, some really nice movies there too. I loved the TV version of MASH, but never saw the movie.

Hi Holly
I think Melvin could be one of the unsung romantic heros of the movie world. I loved it when he told her she made him want to be a better man too. Just a wonderful movie I see something new in every time I watch it. :-)