Sunday, 11 May 2008

I Stand For...

When I first thought about participating in Standing Women day again this year I decided that I wanted to stand for the ongoing tragedy of Zimbabwe, my birth land. To stand in hope that one day future generations will never have to starve, suffer torture or live in fear simply because of one man/regime’s selfishness… and the world’s reluctance to get involved.

Then the cyclone hit Burma and I found myself wanting to add the victims of this dreadful natural disaster to Zimbabwe’s man-made horrors. To stand for a future where no-one dies waiting for help simply because red tape got in the way. To stand for New Orleans and all the other places that are ravaged more by bureaucratic mismanagement than by Nature.

Then on the news I watched the story of Elisabeth Fritzl, the woman who was kept a slave underground for 24 years by her own father. Of her children who had never seen the sun or lived a normal life… and I wanted to stand for all the lost and abused children. To stand for a future where no child’s suffering goes unnoticed by the authorities and monsters are not allowed to put their warped fantasies into action.

Then Guyana Gyal suggested writing a “stand” for this Sunday and my head filled with hundreds of words. The more I looked the more there was that needed to be spoken out about. There are so many things in this world of ours that need to be seen and spoken out against. So many people who need our help so desperately. How can I pick one cause as more important than the others? How can I write the words to stand for everything I want to stand for this day?

I started to panic at the thought when it suddenly seemed so obvious and easy! I only needed one word to speak for all I want to stand for.

Today I stand...

for hope

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Tint~ said...

Oh Michelle... that was so beautifully written! Yes, hope is what it is about.

Blur Ting said...

Yes, this word really encompasses all that we should be standing for.

Jean-Jacques said...

I agree. Hope is everything.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...
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neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

I like the way this post ends. Just that simple statement, after all the panicky words and thoughts. Hope, we sure need tons of it. There's one man who gives hope to women right now, Mohammad Yunus. Then there's Wangari Maathai. And Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Qualityservice44 said...

You write a wonderful, heartfelt post. I also like the simplicity of the end (for hope) and the beautiful dove in the heart.
I really wanted to make the day one where there is peace and peace begins with yourself and with your home which is what I worked on.

It would be awesome if our impact could be as big as we dream it to be, as large as our wishes. Tho' it isn't, we must speak up, try hard, let others know, unite and sometimes donate. Then we can start the long process of improvement.

Amel said...

WHAT?!?!?! A woman is enslaved by her father THAT long???? That's nuts!!!

But I LOVE what you're standing for. Hope is VERY VERY VERY crucial in life. :-))))

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle.
Beautiful, eloquent post.

Every journey begins with a single footstep. I feel that footstep is always inspired by hope.

Melanie said...

Beautiful ~ I will stand with you ~ we all need hope..without it there is only despair. There is hope!

graceonline said...

Perfect words. Perfect image. Perfect resolution.

Thank you for all of these. Especially thank you for keeping your passion and your willingness in the face of so much ill to hope, to work, to dream, to stand. There is something so powerful about standing in silence, even standing alone in silence.

We who hearken to the voice of crow, we who wear crows feet know the cost, know the journey's end is never, and yet we laugh and love and pursue the dreams. We stand.

Thank you for asking about linking to my stand. You are most welcome. May I link to your blog?

Michelle said...

Hi Everyone :-)

Thank you. :-)I loved your photo of you and Tat you used for your post. Just beautiful.

Ting and Jacques
Thank you. :-)

Thanks and double thanks for the names. I'd never heard of any of these people, but a quick glance via Google shows me how much I've missed out on! I'll have to read more.

Hi Vince
I think we need to remember that even small actions count. We don't all have to be doing huge grand gestures. An ocean is filled by raindrops as well as rivers. ;-)

:-) You made me SMILE big.

Hi Emma :-)
Oh very true about that first footstep. Thank you for the reminder.

Monday t Sunday
I'm so glad you joined us all. THank you for letting me know. :-)

Hi Grace
Wow, such a lovely response! Of course you may link to my blog. I've already taken the liberty of adding yours. :-)

Hayden said...

Beautiful. I'm delighted to find your blog through GG, and will stop back tonight for a good, long, look-around!