Thursday, 26 February 2009

NEWSFLASH for Winter 09

I'm hoping to encourage Spring with that title. ;-) Time for another Newsflash update for January/February. I'm revamping the word themes as some used to overlap and some were becoming boring.

ise words

It's been fairly quiet in our area the last few months, nature-wise. The crows and occasional rabbits are our only guests lately. We haven't even had any snow, but I do have a pretty photo of mist at twilight that was taken at the end of January to share. :-)

We've been watching "Master Chef" on TV. The final is tonight, but I'm not that worried who wins. I enjoy the imaginative recipes the most. Some of theme have sounded too weird for my tastes, but some sounded delicious. Only problem is I feel hungry every time I watch the show!

My favourite quote for the month, with one important twist - they have to be words from a fellow blogger. My Wise Words choice for Winter come from G~G of Guyana.
In one big ocean of division, that is where we seem to live, running into separate islands of beliefs, cultures, unconscious of the fact that what happen in that vast ocean does affect all of we.

Yet, despite that space, despite bad history, India and England pool talent to tell one story. Ocean does unite too as it wash from this shore to yours. When you spin the globe, all you see is one body of water linking lands.
I haven't a clue what to write for this one. Either the stories are too long, too complicated or too personal. So I'm going to cheat and post a link to World Prayers. They offer prayers of thanks as well as prayers from different cultures and religions as well as meditations. You can browse, search or simply spin the wheel and see what you get. Here's what I got spinning the wheel today...

This new Bible shall be written
On the hearts of all mankind,
Not by pen or book,
But by acts of Love.
For to Love as She does
Is to truly know who He is.
The unchanged truth is eternal life
For all, without exception.
For no longer do we wander lost in the Word,
But live the word in eternal life.

justina m. pernetter
The last two months have brought a deluge of relatives. Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but it did bring a very long lost relative in America via an email from another relative AND a reconnection to a long-lost aunt in Canada. Added to that my cousin in Australia now has a new business (GOOD LUCK CUZ!) and a new email (I'm getting loads of photos). I'm trying to keep up with replies and "what I have been doing the last .... years" updates, but I've still at least three relatives sitting waiting for replies. If any of them are reading this - sorry, I haven't forgotten you and will get around to replying as soon as I can.

The biggest lesson I've learnt these last two months is that I have amazing friends. To follow on G~G's quote about this planet being lapped by one ocean... my experience has been that the ocean is made of love and friendship and that it does cover this entire globe. Without the internet I would be so much the poorer. All I can say is a very heart-felt... the creators of the internet and to all the marvelous friends it links me to every day.

This used to be "anxiety", but that's a depressing topic so I've changed it to "author." This way I can chat a bit about whatever I'm reading, read and loved, or want to read someday. In this case I'm starting with an entire bookcase. I've added a book case to this blog at the very bottom, thanks to a place called SHELFARI. I've cheated a bit with my book ratings to keep certain books up on the shelf. Some of my four stars are actually five stars, but I had too many to fit so had to "demote" them. If you're a book lover Shelfari is fun. I had a great time finding old favourites to put on my shelves and I intend writing more about some of them in the future.

Smile of the month is another photograph. This one is oldish. I took it on holiday in Scotland before I moved here. The sign the buffalo is scratching his rear on is a big arrow saying CAR PARK.

Home life has been complicated lately. In November we thought hubby was losing his job, but instead dad was retrenched. Then in January dad finally found a job, but it's temporary... or not. They aren't sure and dad's hoping that's a good sign! Then last week hubby finally got the news he's been fearing since last year - his job ceases this Friday. In some ways it was almost a relief as he's been living on his nerves, and not sleeping well, since last November. The dread was just kind of "hanging" there over us all this time.

He's one of several to be retrenched this month... and one of thousands to be losing their jobs in the UK... and one of more than thousands losing their jobs worldwide. In our case this isn't the first time for either my dad or hubby so at least we're aware that you can be retrenched or made redundant and get through it. We've been here before and got through it, we'll get through it again.

Prayers and sympathy to everyone out there going through the same experiences.


Blur Ting said...

I hope your hubby finds a job soon. Meanwhile, maybe you both can take a break and have more family time together!

Michelle said...

Thanks Ting.

I hope your new venture grows and flourishes.

Oh and I love your new profile picture. :-)

Unknown said...

Blessings for the coming month: may all of your needs be met!

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Michelle, I'm so sorry about your hubby's job. A favourite auntie told me this when I was going through some bad times: this too shall pass. I hope this passes and brings good things for you all. I hope they like your dad and keep him on!

I must say, I feel the same way about the internet as you. It's made me feel so connected to people. Through blogging I've met so many generous and talented people, and when I feel my spirits drooping, I remember what you all have achieved, and it keeps me going.

Thanks for the good words about my writing. See? Now you've given me the impetus I need to keep going.

Michelle said...

Thanks Nick

Thank you, your aunty is right, although sometimes I wish the problems that "shall pass" would do it faster!

Oh my, I don't think I'd have survived some of the last few years without my internet support system. I'm glad my words helped you, but I only told the truth. You have a gift with words and you bring us readers joy with that gift. Wish we brought you fame, money and a big flash lifestyle too, of course. LOL


your blog is fabulous.

Michelle said...

Thank you, Secret Diary. :-)

Genie said...

Oh, Michelle, I'm sorry about your Dad's and your hubby's jobs. It's really quite frightening just how tough things are. I wish I hadn't read Grapes of Wrath, I can't get it out of my head what with the drought we're experiencing and the lack of work and more and more people in my country going hungry not from lack of food but because they can't afford to buy it. I'm not sure how much longer my own husband will have a job. He doesn't talk about it much but I know it will be soon.

It feels like standing on a precipice with the wind at your back. EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

Fortunately, we may have a way to generate our own income. I am so grateful for that possibility. It's a gamble but it could happen, we'll see.

Sometimes it's hard to think happy thoughts. Yet, I know, I'm am far better off than most. I have food. I have shelter. I have love.

Michelle said...

Thanks Genie


It feels like a time of waiting. It's Like knowing there's a storm coming and being unsure whether it'll hit your area or pass you by, so you wait...

I think the waiting is sometimes worse, because you can't do anything but stay alert and constantly tense.

I an optimist who feels that either the best happens, or that we can make the best from what happens, but it does get tiresome planning what to do with ANOTHER crop of lemons. :-x

Here's to less lemonade and more tequilas on warm beaches. ;-)

Hayden said...

best to your hubby and dad, I'm really empathetic! even though I wanted to leave the entire process is brutal, and the insomnia can eat you alive. (and I went through it several times before my number came up).