Saturday, 14 February 2009


Although most of the UK has been having snow our area has had very little. That changed this week when a lot of snow fell... all around us. Yep, once again our own area, and garden, were fairly snow-less. So we decided to take a drive South, towards and up into the mountains, to go snow hunting.

We drove South to Granton on Spey before turning and going back home. It's a drive of about 30 minutes, but with the roads icey we took it a lot slower. Unfortunately all the parking areas were full of snow so there weren't many places we could stop to take photos. Here's some of the nicest ones we did manage to take. :-)

A house on the hillside...
The view looking left...
A tree sticking out of the snow...
Going through the forest we were able to stop and take this picture...

The road home. I joined two photos together here. If you click on them you should get the BIG version.


  1. wonderful - I especially love the tree-lined walk!

  2. Snow that's a good one. Those places look silent and beautiful.

  3. Wow! The skies and the snowy hills...they blend together so nicely. It's all white!

  4. Hi Hayden
    I was amazed at how the trees on your blog banner for Lyric Flight, remind me of my winter tree avenue.

    I'm still like a kid when I see snow. I'd so love to try sledding down a hill, but at 45 (and not exactly thin) I have fears about becoming a human snowball. :-I

    Hubby says that when it's really sunny you can get "snow blindness" from the glare, which is why skiers wear those sunglasses. I thought they just wanted to look "cool", but he says it can be really blinding bright with all the white.

  5. Nice pics. Glad you were out enjoying the snow.



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