Blog for Peace

Once upon a time...

A Blogging Queen had a revelation
decreed a Day of Peace throughout the Planet

I found her and joined the cause in 2008

The day was incredible - so many wonderful blog posts, songs and graphics.

It was such an amazing day I was back again in 2009

and this time I made a video too!

By 2010 there were so many participants 
that the Queen was needing helpers...
So the Peace Bees
were created.
Peace Bee with You! 2010  
and the video...
In 2010, Blogblast for Peace also
reached Twitter and Facebook
2011  turned out to be a busy year. 
Many of us rose to Mimi's challenge to write 100 reasons for peace,
Mine became 100 thimblefuls that I moved to an entire blog of their own.
in 2011, Blogblast4Peace reached the stars (with a little help from NASA)
...and I went over the rainbow
 In 2012, I found my flame of inspiration in the somewhat "Steampunk" London Paralympic Ceremonies.
In 2013, I made a confession and introduced a friend to Blogblast for Peace. And I changed my template background to Mimi's dreamy ocean sunrise, for a new dawn.
Dream.... Hope... Believe... In 2014, I Sowed the Seeds of Peace
And stood by my words to vote for Peace as well...
What will the next year's theme be.... I can't wait to find out! The real miracle of Mimi’s Blogblast is the fact that it has brought together people from all over our planet. People who all share the same simple dream of wanting a better, safer world.