Saturday, 6 December 2008

More Wintery Photos

For Genie - a close up of those frozen spiderwebs at Stirling Castle...
...and a view of the window (last on the right) from across the courtyard. You can see the gargoyles on the roof too.
This week out shopping I saw the moon above the car park. It's just a tiny slice of moon in this photo.
Same shopping spree, but another shop parking area. I loved the lights on the tree.


  1. Your photos are so wonderful, Michelle. That photo of the spiderwebs...they are splendid! Nature does things that our creativity could never match in our wildest dreams, doesn't it/she/he?

    I just let the dogs in from yet another potty break. It's snowing out and I couldn't help but smile at the white flakes sprinkled over their gleaming black backs and heads. Dusty had a tiny pile of snow on his nose and sneezed as he looked up at me. Made me long for my childhood days when I used to make angels in the snow. Lucky dogs! :o)

  2. LOVE THE PICS, the cobwebs, too!!!! ;-D

    I've the privilege to take more reindeer pics today...from a closer range, too! HO HO HO HO...SO HAPPY!!!!! ;-D

  3. Wow--I love the frozen spider web photo! So cool! (no pun intended--ha!) :D

  4. Betty
    My mom and I both regret we reached snow at a health/age stage where sledging and ski-ing would not be sane (or comfortable!).

    Thanks for letting me know about your photos - they were wonderful. :-)

    funny! :-D

  5. Oh, loving the close up of the webs! I swear, they look like jewelry.

    There's a miracle occurring here even as I type, there is moisture falling out of the sky! Some of it has been frozen--nearly unheard of in these parts. A snowflake or two has been spied. But mostly it's just RAIN! It's been so long since we've had any. Yea rain!

    If I was smart, I'd allow myself to be inspired enough by your frozen webs to go find some dewey webs tomorrow.



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