Tuesday, 16 December 2008

We are not Alone...

Yesterday hubby and I went Christmas shopping. After a trip to the supermarket we opened the back of the car to pack the groceries and... 'confetti' flew out everywhere! :-o

Most of it blew away in the wind, but here are two photos of the remaining "evidence".

On closer inspection we saw this in a side pocket. We keep an emergency first aid kit and toilet roll there and something, or "someone", had turned part of the toilet roll into a puff of confetti fluff!
On closer inspection we found... peanuts!
It seems we have a mouse IN the car! :-O I know I should be worried or annoyed, but I can't stop laughing. A mouse in a car? I have no idea how anyone de-mouses a car! :-D
Helpful suggestions would be appreciated, preferably non-lethal.


  1. Use a bait. We have mouse trap here which simply traps it in a wire cage. You can then set it free in the forest.

  2. HUH??? There's a MOUSE in the car? That's indeed crazy hi hi hi hi...GOOD LUCK in driving it out of the car then! I'm afraid I have no solution for you. :-(((

  3. Mouse trap, of course. Or let a cat spend the night in there. I wouldn't use poison, it would go somewhere you couldn't get to and decompose most unpleasantly. If you want it to live, well, disconnect the battery and let the doors stay open one night and hope, I guess.

    Blur Ting has a good point, I bet someone could loan you a live trap.

    Mom used to have a lizard in her car. She let it be, made her happy. But a lizard isn't quite as dirty and not nearly as destructive as a mouse!

    I never minded mice too terribly and preferred a live trap until I got bit by one, now I no qualms about ending their little lives. That being said, if my live trap hadn't broken, I'd probably still use it. They're expensive though so I just put out poison and traps.

  4. Mint oil on a cottonball will harmlessly "smoke" em out! Or else a very, very, very teeny,tiny cage with a delectable treat inside. No snappy traps, please! And definitely no poisons!


  5. Peanuts and confetti? Sounds like he's looking for some friends and fun.

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  7. Cool. Now you can use the carpool lane!

  8. I remember that last month, one of my friend caught a mouse in his home.. But this mouse was a clever one..When he cooks something in kitchen and ate them, he puts the rest to the bin. And this "clever" mouse picks them from bin and stocks these fragments of meal under a corner of sofa set :)

    It was very funny to see a mouse jumping on you when he tries to clean under the sofa.

    Love from Istanbul...


  9. A mouse in the car--HA HA HA HA HA! Oh dear. I don't mean to laugh at your misfortune, but that is just too funny! Yes, they do make live bait traps. That would probably be your best bet. :D

  10. We were shopping one day
    Buying food for the house
    We open up our trunk
    And we think there's a mouse

    There might be more
    A family of mice
    In the back of my car
    Gambling with dice

    Could there be a party?
    Might be a chance
    With the stereo playing
    They're starting to dance

    Only thing to be saying
    At the end of the night
    Will the last rodent leaving
    Please turn out the light

  11. LOL! Hmmmmm - well that soft toilet tissue is just too tempting for El Topo. You need to replace it with some of that nasty IZAL - doe they still sell it over there. It smells medicated and is hard and....well nasty. He won't like it - trust me! ;-) Mouse will move house at the double!

  12. Thank you for all the helpful suggestions (and Cliff, I LOVE the poem!)

    At the moment we're trying the idea of the mint oil. So far no mouse.

    Hopefully he's found a better home!



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