Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Photos of Fochabers

Some more photos from last Mothering Sunday's drive out to Fochabers.

The daffodils were out in the famous Fochaberians memorial garden,
some of the heathers were in bloom as well.

What a view! There are lots of lovely rivers in Scotland,
but this, the Spey River, is my favourite.

Hubby and I walked down along the river side...

Some of the smaller memorial stones in the garden.
Click on the photos to enlarge them.

There's a small burn (stream) that joins into the Spey at the bottom of the gardens.

We walked across the bridge you can see above. Here's the view further up.

There are walks through the woodland as well, but we turned back.
I took this photo of the gardens on the way back to the car.

A small Scot watched us passing by.
He was so perfectly posed I had to take a photo!


  1. That dog is VERY VERY cuuuuuttteee!!! Every year I'm still astonished that in some other parts in Europe there are already flowers and no snowy background anymore. Here it's still snowing every now and then and the max. temperature so far has only been 4'C.

    The longer I live here, the more I understand why people want to go to warmer places in spring! Because it's like it's winter here in spring he he he he...

    Anyway, I LOVE all the pics...thanks for the summery feel! :-D

  2. the wee small Scot is adorable indeed!


  3. Great photo's Michelle! (on both posts).

  4. Wonderful pictures, Michelle. I love the little Scot standing there. :)

  5. Amel
    We had snow last year right till April. This winter was very mild!

    And yes, the winters can get a bit much. I think you need holidays now and then. It's important to get some sunshine.


    Hi Lynetta
    he was a real cutie!

    Hi J~J
    Thank you. :-)

    Thanks and yep, he was just so cute and when I saw him turn and pose like that... I keptr thinking "DO NOT MOVE!" as I got my camera. LOL



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