Monday, 16 April 2012


Mr Blackbird was very annoyed last week... chattering away LOUDLY. He was so annoyed he never even moved when I went closer to photograph him.

Why all the noise? Because there are sparrows nesting near his territory, and it gets worse... Mr sparrow is collecting grass in the blackbirds' territory and even went and sat on the same gate as him too.

What a cheek!


  1. He he he he he he he...for some reason it makes me laugh. I don't know whether to feel sorry for Mr. Blackbird or what...

    Can't believe there are so many flowers already outside. I MISS THEM!!!!!!!

  2. I like sparrows. They are very cheeky! I think that's why they called the pirate in the movies, (Johhny Depp) Jack Sparrow? ;-)

  3. HA! The nerve of that little sparrow. :D Cute post, Michelle. Pretty pictures.

  4. Hi Daisy
    I love sparrows. :-)



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