Monday 16 April 2012

Into the Woods...

A few weeks back, when the weather was good, we took a walk in the forest. I'd completely forgotten I had photos still in my camera until today. I've used one for my April banner photo - looking up at the sky.

We wandered around, trying several different paths...

It got surprisingly hot once you were sheltered in the forest.

We met people with dogs and even a few on horseback and one forest walker who was very reluctant to be photographed. Every time I aimed the camera... he ran like mad! But eventually, by being verrry slow and patient, I managed these photos:

The gorse was full of flowers and the birds were singing like mad. I wish I could catch the sounds and the mixed smell of pine and warm coconut gorse flowers.

It was a perfect day. :-)


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWW it looks so perfect, too!!! Cute green bug he he...

    I want to capture spring photos, too, but unfortunately here it's still covered with some snow and it's not pretty snow (the kind of icky brownish snow). But the sun is shining brightly! :-D

  2. Actually... it snowed a bit yesterday, but it was so light it melted as it hit the ground. But there is still snow on the hills and some small sad brown "lumps" here and there. I hate the brown icky snow. blaaah

    The green bug was very cute. :-))

  3. Great pictures, Michelle. I love the one of the little green bug! He's so cute! :)

  4. Thanks Daisy

    I really should look mr Green bug up... as in scientific name, not a phone call. *hee hee* ;-)



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