Wednesday 25 April 2012

Fu - ntastic!

Today I got a parcel in the post. It was small and brown on the outside, but inside the bubble wrap...

was a small wrapped parcel of pretty tissue paper

inside the tissue paper was an even smaller gift bag

and inside the golden gift bag 
were earrings, just for me!  :-)

The Beckoning Cat (Maneki Neko) is a lucky charm from Japan. They are also known as lucky cats, money cats, and good fortune or happiness cats. There are several different legends about how the cat came to be the symbol of attracting luck, prosperity, and protecting against evil.

When the right paw is raised, it invites money into your life. When the left is raised, it invites people to a business or it helps the owner hold on to money already possessed. When both paws are raised, it means protection.

The Chinese character written in gold on these cat beads is "fu" and it means "fortune." The color blue invites intelligence. These cats attract success in academic study and career.

I love their little smiley cat faces and I love the "fu" luck.
I need more FU! ;-)
They're made by Patchwork Jewelry
She makes new things, from astrology earrings to steampunk necklaces, 
as well as selling gorgeous vintage jewellery.

...and finally, here I am doing some maneki modelling.

Thank you, Joanne, I love them!


  1. You're beautiful, my friend. Good to actually See you! What a lovely gift. I hope it brings you luck by the bucket full!

  2. Ahh, thanks sweet friend.

    Much FU to you tu! :-) xx

  3. AHHHHH they're SO SO SO CUTE!!!! You look gorgeous too, M, albeit a bit tired (it seems to me). Here's to luck!!!!

  4. Thanks ((Amel))

    Yes, You're right about the tired. I think it's partly the medication I'm on for the pain. It makes me feel tired a lot.

  5. wonderrrrr then! :-( Sending you healing thoughts...



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