Friday, 16 November 2012

A Little Sheepish

I thought I'd post a sheep photo, since I'm feeling a little sheepish at how rarely I've posted on my blog this year. With my computer not working for at least 2 days out of every week since March it's not been the best of years for getting any writing done, plus my wrist surgery mid-year added to my slow plod becoming a one-handed and even slower plod!

On the plus side I had the wonderful Olympic and Paralympic games to keep me happily occupied while my computer wasn't working and/or I couldn't use my hand to type.And now, as the year draws to an end, there have been a few more exciting things on the go, like Blogblast for Peace and my being chosen for the Scottish Book Trust League of Extraordinary Booklovers.

The list of things I planned to do this year is still untouched, but my frustration at that fact has faded into a realisation that sometimes... you just have to go with the flow. Sheep understand that, I think. I've watched them in the fields around us and I really don't think that they fret over missed deadlines. I don't think sheep worry about what they haven't done or what they should be doing. I think sheep could teach us a lot about how to live simply and enjoy the moment.

It's sunny - "I am happy to be warm."
It's cold - "I am happy to have a woolly coat."
And always constantly... "Ooooh, Grass! yummy."

Maybe we all need to be a little more 'sheepish' now and then. ;-)


  1. Those sheep are watching me. :\

  2. LOL

    They do. It's like, "can you see that human staring at us?" look on their faces. lol

  3. Wow ! I DON'T eat mutton, and wool makes me itch, guys... don't look at me like that! = o
    They make me feel guilty. ;)

  4. LOL @ Dennis

    I do eat mutton, and... I'm wearing lambskin slippers! :-D No wonder they look nervous...

  5. LOVE this post, M!!!! THANKS for the reminder to be sheepish! :-D

  6. As long as we don't stay sheepish too long and become part of the sheeple... ;-)

  7. LOL

    I'm resisting urges to post baa-d puns.




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