Monday, 13 January 2014

Speaking Out

In 2011, I wrote a small poem to promote Blogblast for Peace. I have it on my blog in a post titled Battle Cry.

Peace Warrior
Peace stands up when the rest sit down,
Peace steps forward when the others turn and run.
Peace shines a light in the darkest places,
no matter the danger in what it faces.
Peace is a warrior, do you understand?
Peace is a warrior within your hands.

Michelle Frost 2011


I was busy signing a petition this morning, when it struck me... this is what my poem was all about. I am a Peace Warrior. I step forward. I stand up. I keep on trying to shine a light, in the darkest places. 

Will my signature on that petition help? I have no idea. Some petitions bring change, but some don't. But one thing is for certain... if we don't stand up, step forward, sign those petitions, then nothing changes. All we can do is try.


  1. "Peace is a warrior within your hands." LOVE it! :-D

    Must admit I've been very skeptical about petitions...

  2. Amel

    I've had feedback on seven petitions that worked. And no feedback on about twenty. It's probably a case of maybe 1/3 working. That's pretty good odds really. But I have learnt to be careful and check the facts. Some petitions are started for the wrong reasons, knee-jerk reactions without considering every fact and truth. I try to avoid those.

  3. Michelle - You are definitely a "doer" of peace and a warrior child. Keep at it.



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