Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Me :-)

I figured it was about time everyone knew what I looked like.. beyond being "Simpsonised". ;-) This was taken on New Year's Eve 2006. Me and my husband, Sandy (Alexander).


  1. photo perfect couple. :-)

    You are very beautiful.

  2. hello Michelle! It's good to see your face. You do look beautiful and kind :-)

  3. oooh, you two are going to make my head BIIIG. :-))
    Thank you for the lovely comments.

    It is a very nice photo. It always seems like when I find a photo of me I like, hubby is squinting. Or If he looks good.. I'm pulling a weird face. :-P This photo managed to be just rght. :-)

  4. He he he he...I've seen you already, but it's nice to finally see your pic here in the blogosphere.

    I agree with Prema and Blur Ting...you ARE beautiful. ;-D

  5. The camera loves you (both) :-)

  6. Ah Thanks ((Amel))


    Twilight :-)

  7. Its very nice to see you and meet Sandy, Michelle!! The last time I saw one of your pics was so long ago that I could hardly remember. Great Photo! - Thanks a mil for sharing. J.

  8. How nice, good to see a photo of you :D

  9. You’re so gorgeous, Michelle...
    I've always imagined that your hair would be a bit curly he he...no particular reason...nice to see your pix!!

  10. Thank you J, Shan and Chocmint :-)

    Chocmint girl,
    I did have very long curly hair in my twenties, but it was permed. My own hair is dead straight.