Saturday, 8 September 2007

Drums for the Weekend


  1. NICE ONE, Michelle! I really DIG that most funky tune :-) This is a Great Version!

  2. Well, having always wanted to learn to play the drums, I enjoyed that immensely!!

    By the way, I tagged you for the "nonsense story meme". Its fun, but - as always - please don't feel obligated to play along.

    Hope you're well!xoxo

  3. Hi Jacques

    Yep, I like the original song too. It's one of those tunes that makes you feel energised and upbeat. :-)

    Heyyy.. talking of energised. :-) That face cream you sent me is awesome! I might be back with further orders so you'd better let me know if you decide to move countries again.

    Hi HollyGL

    I'll go take a look and thanks for making it an optional tag. I'm so behind here at the moment. I'm fine, but I had a virus last month (human as opposed to computer) and we had a guest staying for a month. Between those two things I'm still not up to top speed, but I'm getting there! :-)

  4. Weeeeellll Michelle - if I wasn't thinking about moving countries again, something won't be right... :-) BUT, I'm probably going to stay put till at least after Christmas and probably a bit beyond that, so place your orders early when the Algearon starts running low! (If you'd like a batch by Xmas) :-D

  5. Thanks J

    I'll email you if/when. :-)



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