Thursday 20 September 2007

Beautiful Women

HollyGL recently asked who we all thought of as being beautiful. At the time I hadn't a clue, but this morning I realised I can finally answer this question. I know so many beautiful women.. the list is endless, but for today I am dedicating this to the five who took my breath away this week.

This morning I discovered a good friend has taken a big step forward in her life. No, change that.. a LEAP Forward. She is in the process of claiming back her life and her power. Taking a step towards a wholeness she has never experienced in her entire life. I am so proud to know a woman as courageous as her. She has experienced a childhood from hell and yet never lost her humanity, humour.. or ability to love.

She is so beautiful.

Last weekend I was at my mother-in-law's house. She's in her 80s now and we got to talking about life.. and death. She has plans for her death and she needed to talk about them. She needs to feel certain that all of her family know how much she loves them before it is too late. We sat on the couch with our arms around each other and she talked and said all she needed to say.

She is so beautiful.

This Monday I went shopping. Later today I go to my citizenship ceremony and I needed shoes and a new outfit. So on Monday I went shopping with my mom. I was trying on a blouse and needed a second opinion. I peeked out the changing rooms - trying to find her. The shop was crowded and at first I couldn't see her. Then I saw this woman walking towards me. Walking with such grace.. even though she walks with crutches and has osteoporosis. She was smiling at another shopper and I realised how she GLOWS. As bright as a star. Walking and standing is almost always painful for her and yet she is always smiling and graceful.. and gracious.

She is so beautiful.

I have another friend who contacted me this week with email apologies. She had done something impulsively and feared it would hurt my feelings. It was such a silly little thing that I wanted to laugh.. but to her it was big because she loves me and never wants to cause me pain. She cares so much about our friendship that she worked herself into a panic over a tiny little act of impulse. This is the kind of woman she is - She can be moody and snappy and as human and flawed as we all are, and yet she has this heart as big as a planet and such a tenderness of spirit.

She is so beautiful.

I have a family member with cancer. This is not her first time. She has been here before. She has fought this battle.. and won. Now once again she faces the same old demons. Never once does she complain about the unfairness of life or show any signs of self pity. She is fighting this battle with humour and determination and such grace of spirit.

She is so beautiful.



    Beauty is everywhere indeed, if only we take enough time to recognize and cherish it. ;-D

  2. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder.

  3. From everything you have written and I have had the pleasure to read -I can easily say you're so beautiful!

  4. this is one of the most beautiful post I have read in the blogosphere. For someone to pay tribute to her loved ones in such a wonderful manner, it's indeed so beautiful. You're a beautiful person indeed, inside and out.

  5. Four lovely replies.. and three from truly beautiful women, each in your own unique way. :-)

    Thank you Amel, Random and Blur

    (((HUGS))) for you all

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  7. Oops lol, I did left a comment on your photo. Wrong one lol!

    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How true.

    The appearance only matters for so much I think. Of course, I am a guy so it matters alot but between an ordinary girl and a fabulous girl, I would go for the ordinary one because I know there is a good chance she is more graceful, more loyal, more faithful and more stronger to help me through the ups and downs of life.

    Beauty is what we feel that will make us happy in my view...

    Walking with such grace.. even though she walks with crutches and has osteoporosis.

    Nice article :D, keep it up!

  8. Yes, this is such a beautiful post from one beautiful woman...

  9. I agree with all above - you yourself need to be added to the list, Michelle! :-)

  10. Hi, M, you're tagged. Check it out:

    Personal Development List

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!! I have an embarrassing story to tell tomorrow. ;-D

  11. Thank you everyone and sorry for leaving my replies so late. Last week was crazy busy!

    Amel.. Ooh, a tag! I must go look. :-)

    one day you'll meet a girl you think is "plain" and then suddenly notice she has the most beautiful eyes or way of smiling. Beauty really can catch you by surprise. ;-)

  12. Hi Michelle - if I have half as many people to call beautiful in one sphere or another, I would count myself lucky.

    But my mother and my wife are my saving graces right now. Both because they relate to such different parts of my character. And are 'there' for me - without question...

    Thanks for a wonderful posting as it really did get me thinking.

    Hope hubby's knee is getting stronger and that your Pug keeps running well.

    Keep up the hard work - and when do we actually get to meet you in person?

    Take special care.

    Best regards


  13. Hi Robb

    Thank you. Yes, having people in your life who are "there for you" truly are the greatest gift and blessing.

    As for meeting the real me.. I did put my photo up recently, but it's fallen off the front page, I think. I was going to add it to my signature/profile, but I need to cut it down to a decent size first.

    Anyway, here's the link to the photo:



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