Friday, 7 September 2007



I had to post this picture from my blog interview with Mike Thomas of It feels like one of those mirror-within-mirror picture effects.

If anyone wants to check out my interview - go here.

Thank you Mike. It certainly was a challenge, but fun, figuring out answers to all the questions. :-)


  1. HE HE HE...Yep, definitely a mirror-within-mirror effect. ;-D

  2. Oh yeah, another was definitely not easy to answer all those questions. *nodding*

  3. Hi Amel :-)

    It took me a day to figure out what to reply to some of those questions.

    My brain plods along.. :-D

  4. He he he he he...I can imagine that, M!!! And yet he said it would only take a few minutes he he he he...

  5. This is a good template for mirror within a mirror. I just got here and I'm feeling spiritual.

    I enjoyed your answers to the blog interview.

  6. Great answers, Michelle.

    Hmmm - now I know why I got an invitation to submit an interview...LOL! I'm sitting wondering how to answer the questions!

    I almost decided not to carry on with it, because my blog is not one many people would visit if they're not into astrology. Then, as I was searching for your web address to add your URL to the list of favourites - one question I COULD answer, I noticed your current entry. Ahhh-ha!! It was YOU!

    I'll continue with my submission - then they'll have at least two bloggers who use the word "astrology" in their interview. :-)
    Thank you!

  7. Thank you all for participating!

    Blog Interviewer

  8. I saw your interview there and commented. Congratulations, you are indeed worthy of the interview.

  9. Hey - I voted... great interview

  10. Thanks Doug. :-)

    Let me know when it gets posted, I'd love to read your replies. :-)

    Jeff and Amber
    Thank you both! :-)

  11. Sounds like fun, will try it sometime soon!



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