Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Newsflash - Crazy Week


"NEWS FLASH is basically news or thoughts that may be changing over time - an update or an evolution of thought that covers a multiple of topics. It is what makes a blogger tick and it is the reason why we read."


News (or current events)
my personal news of a very crazy week:

Monday - went to the doctor and suspects either problem A (ulcer) or problem B (endometriosis) has flared up again. Get medication for ulcer.

Tueseday - go into town with dad and buy a car! A Peugeot 406. Not new, but excellent condition. Dad'll be picking it up on Saturday. Hospital phones to say they can fit hubby in for knee surgery on Friday. Very unexpected!

Wednesday - go shopping for something to wear for my British citizenship and other new medication arrives by post. I went online and ordered some radical new herbal type thing for health problem B. Reviews on it online have been 90% favourable. If it works I'll pass on the name and website. Until I have proof it works - no free advertising.

Thursday - my Citizenship Ceremony. It was great. The local council (Morayshire) did a splendid job of making it as full of pomp and memorable ceremony as possible. We each had a local dignitary hand over an extra gift - a beautifully framed document in fancy calligraphy whereby Morayshire welcomed us as citizens of Moray, Scotland as well as of Britain. The Moray Convenor (like a mayor) said a very charming speech plugging Scotland and Morayshire. Afterwards there were home-made strawberry and cream tarts, ginger and custard cupcakes and tea or coffee. Hubby was going to take us all out for a celebratory meal after my citizenship ceremony, but since he had a cold, and was due in for surgery the next day, I cancelled till a later date. Instead we bought a good bottle of red wine and toasted the event over sausages and mash - can't get more British than that! Oh.. sausages were Scottish venison - to add a little Scottish "flavour" to the celebration. ;-)

Friday - Hubby in to hospital for keyhole surgery. It went well. He had quite bad damage to his knee cartiledge in three places. Good news is there is no sign of arthritis and damage was repairable. Extra good news is this was a work accident that the insurance has refused to pay out on for the last three years.. because their doctor says hubby has arthritis! Hopefully they (lawyers and insurance) can now start doing something about this.

Saturday - quiet day recuperating from week. We went and fetched the new car in the morning and spent the afternoon lazing round the house.

Sunday - Took the new car for a drive. Runs beautifully = dad thrilled. Made roast lamb with mint sauce and rosemary from my herb garden. Had home-made apple and brambleberry crumble (from back yard) with cream. *burp*

Entertainment (movies, TV, celebrity, etc.)
The new series of "Doc Martin" started on TV this week. Yaay! Our (whole family) favourite show is back!

Work (thoughts on the job or employer)
My husband loves his new job and, even better, new employees admit to loving (quote: "we like you a lot") husband.

Spirit (thoughts on God and/or the supernatural)
Last weekend I had a message from a guide come through for someone I know. I lost the plot once (if I start thinking about what I'm doing I lose the connection. You can't "hear" if your own thoughts are in the way), but I managed to get the entire message eventually. Got an email update this morning that the advice was useful and appreciated. Yaaay!

Family (or friends)
This past week about seven friends/family have emailed me wanting news updates, or with long intense emails that need serious replies. I can go for months with nothing but jokes in my email box and now I get swamped with people wanting to talk. Why is life like that? It always seems it's droughts or floods.

The last few weeks I've realised how lucky I am in this department. I have a family, an extended family, in-laws and friends that I love and who love me. Yes, we get on each other's nerves and argue, but beyond that we all like each other and we all love each other.
As for LOVE.. I have a husband who puts my feelings first, is always ready to hug and be hugged, but knows exactly when I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. I am truly blessed.

Anxiety (a rant or a trouble)
Mmm.. see "News - Friday" above. Having hubby in hospital got me very freaked for some reason. Maybe the fact this was his first operation, or the fact my own bad health this year has left me a little "over emotional". Finding something to wear for the citizenship ceremony was a bit anxious too. First few shops nothing decent fitted and the only thing that did fit was a dress that made me look like a human shrub (floral print). I eventually found a very nice blouse that matched trousers I already own and mom and hubby bought me new earrings to match.

This weekend Scotland plays Italy (rugby).

Home (house, yard, or even another family type of thought)
Our house is so in need of a clean! I have to get doing that today. The last few months all routine flew out the window between having a house guest who took up too much time and me having a virus that made me keep getting dizzy spells. I kept up basic housekeeping, but there are dust bunnies lurking in secluded corners that have reverted to primordial megadustadons with ragged lint teeth. I have drawn one on Windows Paint for you to appreciate the true horror..



  1. Golly-gosh!! What an eventful week you had! All seems to have turned out as well as expected, thank goodness.
    I hope your health problems are soon improved and your husband's knee fully healed.

    I enjoyed reading about your citizenship ceremony- such a nice occasion for you and everyone.
    Did anyone take some pics? May we see? :-)

  2. Hi Twilight :-)

    Thanks for the congrats. Yes, my dad took pics, digital camera, but at the moment they are downloaded onto my mom's computer which has then decided to get hysterical.

    Thank heaven's hubby is also a computer geek and is in the process of rescuing all data from her semi-comatose harddrive. Once it's all up and running I'll get the photos from her.

  3. Ohhhh...such a busy week!

    Sorry to hear about the ulcer. GLAD to hear about the operation and the citizenship ceremony!!! ;-D Hope your hubby gets better soon and hope your ulcer's also gone ASAP.

    When I read about the love makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. MMMMMMMMMM...;-D I LOVE LOVE HE HE HE HE HE...

    And I understand what you mean...sometimes my inbox's also empty, but other times it's so jam-packed with emails and other stuff. Tsk tsk tsk...Such is life he he he...

  4. Hey Michelle good to hear your voice again. I used to suffer from ulcers as well given my love for all things spicy.
    Congratulations on your citizenship. My mouth is watering - want some yummy strawberry tart [my fav] now :-D
    It's pretty scary when th person you love is in pain. You feel so helpless

  5. Hi Random

    Thank you. :-)

    Re; loved one in pain - I've just learnt that having someone you love sick is WAY scarier than any kind of being sick or in pain you experience yourself. :-(

    My sympathy on ulcers.. they're a pain. ( pun intended! :-D )

  6. Glad to see you are still doing NEWS FLASH. I am humbled. ;)



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