Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Photos

These first two photos were taken on Friday. I wanted to get both horses in one pic, but by the time I'd got the camera out they'd drifted too far apart as they grazed. I had to take two photos.

Yesterday was nice and sunny, so we all hopped into the car and went for a drive. It was sunny all the way to Inverness. We had lunch (toasted sandwiches) in Inverness before taking a drive along the river Ness. From there we branched off along the shipping locks and up the far side of Loch Ness as far as Drumnadrochit (just before Urquhart castle).

Sadly there are not that many places you can stop along the way, which makes photo taking frustrating. Here's the photos I took every time we did have a chance to stop.

This first is going along Loch Ness. You can see one of the boats that take people out on scenic cruises below. It's a fairly big vessel, which gives an idea of how utterly small Nessie would be down there, even if he/she was the size of an elephant. Loch Ness is BIG and very deep as well.

At Drum we went through the village and up the hill as far as we could, for a better view of Loch Ness from above. We all love Drumnadrochit, it would be my top place to live in the world if I won the lottery. :-)

Up above we stopped on a tiny bridge on a windy road up the mountain and I got out to photograph the waterfall below the bridge.
Beside the bridge there were tiny "waterfalls". You see this all along the Loch Ness area, as it is a naturally damp and wet place... all that water seeping down the mountains and into Loch Ness.
Further along we found an old well beside the road.
The view itself, Loch Ness is the blue-ish "V" between the mountains and hills.
I took another further down, but it didn't come out, for some reason. :-( We hope to get back near the end of April, because the bluebells should be flowering then. The bluebells around Loch Ness can be amazing - whole carpets of blue under the trees. If we do I promise to take LOTS more photos. :-)


Mike Golch said...

Great photos,be blessed this easter day.

Bogey said...

I'm jealous! It reminds me of a few years back when I was visiting British Columbia and driving thru the mountains. Amazing photo ops. It,s also good to know that some people appreciate the beauty in their own back yard which is so often overlooked. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Connie said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place, Michelle.

Happy Easter to you!

Tint~ said...

I love all the photos. I have a photo of my gran and grandad on a boat on Loch Ness. That gives me some perspective of the size. The boat was large, not quite cruise liner size, but pretty big.

Stunning photos! I want to go there :) In fact, I'd love to live there too.

The Crow said...

Your photos make me homesick for a land I've yet to visit. Thank you for sharing your world with us, Michelle.


Michelle said...

Hi Mike

Thanks. Blessed Easter to you too.

Very true how we can so easily overlook our own "back yard". When my husband (to be) came out to South Africa I saw my world through his eyes and realised how exotic and strange it was to a Northerner. I've been lucky to live in some truly beautiful parts of the planet, but then Nature is pretty much always beautiful. Happy Easter to you to! :-)

Loch Ness is a really awesome area. It just has a vibe that is unique.

I know what you mean. For some reason Venice makes me feel that way - homesick without ever having been there.

PV said...

Great pics. Makes my want to hike around there!

June Saville said...

Thanks for bringing back memories of Scotland - and not a monster anywhere!
June in Oz

storyteller said...

Lovely photos reflecting a beautiful day ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Michelle said...

I was saying last time I'd love to walk around it, as by car you go too fast to really stop and enjoy the scenery.

Nope, not a monster anywhere, unless you count some rather horrid neon-green fuzzy ones for sale in a tourist shop. ;-)

Thanks Storyteller. My photos aren't up to your level. I go look at your blog and am in awe at both the quality and quantity of your photos. I meant to leave a comment, but forgot. I loved the dogs on the path, the waterbirds and... loads more. Pretty much all your photos. :-)

Vasant Prabhu said...

Great Photos Michelle, I liked the Loch Ness snap, the place looks untouched. Decades back remember seeing a similar photo in RD. Cheers.

Michelle said...

Hi Vasant

It is remarkably untouched, which is one thing I do love about Scotland. They fight to keep their natural areas just that - natural.


Shan said...

OMG! Is that the lochness monster@!!

Michelle said...

Shan!! :-D You made me laugh here.

Genie said...

I can't wait to see those bluebell photos!

Michelle said...

We missed the bluebells. :-( They're a bit frustrating because they are tiny and they don't flower long so you need a clearing in a forest with enough sunlight at just the right time to really get that "carpet of blue" effect. I missed it AGAIN this year. But I swear I will get back to Loch Ness one day and take those photos. I've seen it once with bluebells, like blue mist, rolled out under the trees along the loch. Every other year we've gone there too early or too late!

I do have some older pics of bluebells somewhere. If I find them to post I'll let you know. :-)