Thursday, 2 April 2009

Good Grief

Today was definitely a Charlie Brown day. You know... some days, no matter how hard you try to see the bright side, just leave you sitting there with nothing better to say than...
"Good Grief!"

It started with a cryptic email from a friend that said simply... "Google HR 875 S425."

So I did... and discovered things happening in the USA that not only I didn't know, many of my American friends didn't know either! If you have any connection to farming or you eat Organic food - Google HR 875 S425. There are things happening you need to know about.

My personal GOOD GRIEF moment came next. A friend on Facebook posted one of my poems, which was really nice of her, but then someone came in and told her how they "recognbised it as a poem they bought at a market.


Bought my poem?

I've never minded sharing my stuff, I've always enjoyed the fact people want to read what I write, but selling my work? Without me even knowing? That's just so not right.

The next Good Grief moment arrived with the post. There was a letter for hubby from the lawyers. Hubby's been trying to seek compensation for a work-related injury for 4 1/2 years now. To cut a long long story short this last letter was (more or less ) an attempt to depress hubby into giving up and not taking it further. Hubby spent the whole morning researching all details of similar cases before writing a very careful reply as to why he is NOT giving up.

Looking back at today I realised there's another theme, beyond the Good Grief moment. It's
about all of us simply wanting a fair deal... or a fair chance.

That's all.


  1. Hi Michelle. I'm sorry to hear you are having a "Good Grief" kind of day. I hope things brighten for you soon.

  2. I have those kinds of days at least once a week.Sorry that you had one today.{{{HUGS}}}

  3. Sorry, I've been late in reading your post but I hope the 'good grief' day is over and done with. Weekend is almost here. I hope you have a yippie day!

  4. Good grief, indeed. Plagiarism is no laughing matter, and getting someone to quit just because you don't like the outcome is cheap and dirty. I hope things get better and you're able to see the sun shine through tomorrow.

  5. (((Michelle)))

    Good Grief! is right! Geez. I do hope you are pursuing this bit of plagiarism. And there is no way your hubby would let up pursuing his piece of justice! Nuh-uh. :o)

  6. Oh dear...GOOD GRIEF indeed!!! That's unbelievable about your poem...and hope your hubby WINS the battle!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHH!!!

  7. Michelle I relate to this post on at least two counts: I absolutely know personally what it means to tangle with the law when it seems fairness is out of the window. The law can be an ass, as they say. Good luck.

    Secondly, I have been brave enough to post a novel and many of my short stories and poems on Journeys in Creative Writing, my blog. So far no problems, but I do wonder. To date I have made heaps of friends and get much positive and some constructive negative feedback for my writing (equally welcome). Much better than having them at the bottom of a drawer, and you never know I may unearth an interested publisher.

    Today I posted the 19th and final episode of my Australian mystery novel and so I stand back and await comments!
    June in Oz

  8. hey michelle thanks for your words over at the treehouse.....hope the good greif dies off as fast as it started...pole

  9. A fair deal/chance. I totally agree with that line of thought.

    HR 875 S425

    Wow. That was an interesting read. Horrified about the push to pass without debate. Democracy crumbles. Ended up as a blog posting of my own. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Sorry to hear about your blah day. Believe me, in the past year I've had a lifetime of them. But the real reason for this comment is about someone selling your written work. Sadly, if it's posted on a public domain without a copyright notification, anybody and everybody will grab it and abuse your work. I'm not totally up on the copyright laws but if you write it and post a copyright notice with the date then I'm sure you can take legal action. Been there.

  11. Daisy, Mike, Tint and Amel
    Thank you and hugs back x 4!

    Thank you for the well wishes and the sympathy. It really does help. Take a ((hug)) too!

    Hi June
    Yeah, the law is deinitely an ass at times... or at least some of those that "profess law" have long ears and a loud bray!

    It's the biggest conundrum of sharing writing online - the joy of friends and feedback vs the chance of one or two idiots plagiarising. I still think the sharing is worth it, but every now and then I check some of my words through google. THat way I have hunted down both the odd "offender" and met fans I never knew existed.

    I want to read your book, June. I just do not have time at the moment, but I will do it when I can and I have no doubt I'll enjoy it. From what I've read of yours I really like the way your writing flows. :-)

    Hi pole
    You have a great blog and I will be back to read when I can. Thanks for the cheer-up message - it helped.

    HR 875 S425 is scary stuff. There's way too much of this thing being shoved into cupboards, so to speak. A friend in Canada recently wrote a report on the cattle industry that the newspaper refused to print... because it told the truth. sad

    Hi Bogey and welcome to my blog. All of my poems on legit places have my copyright, as did the very first place my poem was ever published on, but some people never read the small print. I have found 90% of the cases are ignorance (in other words, been here before myself!), but it still is hurtful and annoying. I hope you managed to sort out your own experience in a way that left you happy.

  12. How unfair that someone would take your work, without your permission, for their own profit!

    Gris-gris on them! (You are too kind and good a person to put a curse on them, but I'm not!) Make that a double gris-gris!!

  13. Martha

    Thank you for the curse... although the thought of you kind of feather-fluffed and cursing did make me chuckle.

    No, it's not fair, but it was a good kick in the rear for me. I think it's time I did some marketing of my own wares! Not a clue what it'll turn out to be, but I'm definitely going to try. If some stranger can sell me then I think I should be able to do so too!

  14. sigh. glad your husband is still fighting: hope things have turned around - hang in there!

  15. Good grief indeed! I hope your husband keeps at it. I've been filing for disability now for about two years. It feels like five. They make you feel like a bum. It's not a good feeling. I think they do it to weed out the scam artists. But it's still demoralizing.

    Hmm, well, someone sold your poem? That's kind of a compliment! I was looking at your book today on Amazon, as soon as I pay a few things off, my friend, I'm ordering it. Not that it's expensive, I'm just really careful with that credit card stuff! Amazon US says they only have three copies left, may have to hit you up for where else I can buy it in the US.

    Thanks for alerting me to HR 875 S425. I went immediately and signed the petition and alerted all my FB acquaintances. Not that any of them responded but that's okay. That could be a devastating blow to the nation's health, not to mention our small farmers and ranchers. It's like they WANT us to be unhealthy.

  16. Genie
    So sorry you've had such a struggle with the disability thing and yes, they do tend to try to make you feel like you're "making it up". Makes me really angry.

    Wait till the edited edition comes out - then, if you want to, order the book. I've writen a full explanation of that on my book blog.

    And... I hope passing on the HR 875 helps.

  17. Michelle, market it. There are enough who will buy it. I'll be first in line. All your poems have always had a copyright notice. Sadly, that usually goes unread.

    We've had those tactics on claiming. Your hubby can win. I'm glad he has the determination to forge ahead. As for the whole GMO thing? I laugh... there is no control in this country and, I'm afraid, in other countries, it's all politics and big money. Fighting is blowing against the wind.



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