Friday, 24 April 2009

Up-dates and Adventures

Recently I posted probably my least upbeat post in a long time - my Spring Newsflash. Part of my recent gloominess comes from the medication I'm on. I've been doing research and found out that this medication really is the best and safest option, way safer than surgery, but I'm getting almost every side-effect listed. That list includes anxiety-irritability mood swings, tiredness, aches and pains, forgetfulness and confusion.

Since I'm fairly famous in my family for being forgetful (wow, look at all those f words!), this has been a HARD time. In the past month I've forgotten so many things and I can't even tell you about them, because I've forgotten what most of them were!

Being a mindless butterfly with mood swings, at a time when I am trying to get somewhere with my writing and hubby is trying to start a new business, has been... difficult to say the least, but things are improving, in part because I'm determined to make them improve. I owe a thank you for that change in attitude to my husband, who said something last week that really made me think. He said he got thinking (after the park incident in my Newsflash) about manifesting.

"Manifesting" seems to be the new craze lately, thanks to movies and books like The Secret, but it's really not a new concept at all. Jesus was basically putting forward the very same idea when he spoke about faith moving mountains. I've always believed in the concept, as has my hubby, and sometimes I've managed to manifest exactly what I need or want. But lately? Lately it hasn't worked at all.

To cut a long family chat short, hubby's thinking brought him to realise that whenever he tries to manifest a better life for us his thoughts are kind of vague and mostly based on fear, worry, anxiety or hope. No demanding, no specifics. No direct, "I want..." statements.

He made me think. I also thought about all the people I know who say, "I wish..." I realised, with surprise, that wishing implies failure. Think about it, people tend to wish for the "impossible dreams." The things they think they will never have, never obtain, don't deserve... It's actually a negative thing - wishing.

You wouldn't say "I wish I could have some cake" and expect a waiter to bring you a slice, would you? The Universe doesn't listen to wishes. It needs simpler more obvious things. You say to the waiter, "I'll have the cake"... and he brings you the cake.

So, the night after the duck food incident, I put in my order to the Universe. I made my demand. I left out any whining about how I DESERVED it, because I had TRIED and WORKED and BELIEVED. I kept is simple, direct and to the point. Since lately my biggest whine is "WHY ARE WE SO UNLUCKY?" I turned it around and said out loud,

I want to be lucky from now on.
I want to be the one people say 'Wow, that was lucky!' to.

Has anything changed?
To be honest?
Yes, it has.

The camera I spilt a drink on is still under warranty and we're now waiting to see if they can repair it.

I've discovered that my medication may make me feel bad now, but long term it is the best thing for me. And I'm finding products to combat the side-effects.

The day of my Newsflash we discovered our one vehicle tax (for an old van Hubby used to use for work) was out of date, which carries a fine of £80. The day after I demanded good luck hubby phoned to see about paying the £80 fine and the girl says there's no fine because we phoned within the ten day "grace period". A day later and we'd have had to pay the fine.

Last Friday there's a knock at the door. It's an old friend of hubby's who was retrenched last year, he's got two weeks holiday. This friend now works at a computer games shop and says he chats to people with computer woes. He's going to take a pack of business cards for hubby's new computer-repair business (blog news on that coming soon!) to hand out to anyone who needs computer help. ;-)

On the weekend I bought baby potatoes to make salad. I wanted tomatoes, but forgot. We get to the counter and the cashier says, "Don't you want your free gift?" She explains that with every bag of baby potatoes you get... a free pack of tomatoes on the vine. She sent a girl off for them. A whole pack of the "posh" tomatoes for free!

Yesterday I finally got to see the surgeon about my hernia. I'm now scheduled for surgery August, but if there are cancellations he promises me I get first chance at going in for surgery earlier.

After seeing him I went into town to buy herbal tablets, to help with some of my medication side effects. I had two main ingredients I wanted to buy, but the shops here don't stock the one kind. I bought the ones they did have. When I got home, and read the label properly, it turns out these tablets contain BOTH ingredients I was looking for. :-)

AND... today there was a knock at the door. A big envelope from a distant land. I sign for it, open it... inside is a smaller envelope. And inside that? A letter and a cheque for quite a bit of money! A very dear friend recently came into a small inheritance. She has decided she wants to use it to make others happy and is sharing it. I am one she shared with. She already is a friend who shares her love, time and talents (she's a healer) and now this as well! I hope she is blessed with a hundred gifts for every gift she sends out in love. XXX

Of course all this good luck hasn't taken away my mood swings and aches/pains, or our financial woes, but things have changed for the better and I definitely intend to make sure it continues. I'm reaffirming my order of good luck every week and promising to...

...and be thankful for all the blessings I have.


  1. Well, that's lucky.

    Wishing is a problem, I think, in today's society. It's structured around how we think in our own language. This affects how we speak from one to another, and thus, will affect the atmosphere not only of communication, but also of attitude.

    Which is why I always use, "I would like . . ." when in a position to order or ask for a thing.

    Food for thought.

  2. Hurrah! Hurrah for your wonderful good luck and may it continue to be so for you and your loved ones, Michelle!

  3. Fantastic stuff Michelle. I think speaking out loud was the key. By speaking out loud, Somebody had a chance to hear you. What I love about all of the things that happened to you to make you happy, were the little things you described. Free tomatoes, all in one medication, no fine etc. You weren't making grandiose demands like riches and cars and the like. Humble. I like that. Continued success. You will reap what you sow!

  4. Derik
    yeah, I think our whole modern society is based on too many wish-related things. I like your term, "I would like." It sounds... solid yet friendly.

    Hi Martha
    Thank you. :-) I haven't forgotten the email I owe you. It is being written, in dribs and drabs.

    Thank you for the wishes. I hadn't thought of it, but you are right - small things, simple wishes...
    It really is the simple things that make us happy after all. :-)

  5. ((hugs)) my friend! I take my hat off to you. It is easier for those whose lives are healthy and fairly smooth to maintain a positive manifesting spirit. For someone who is facing many challenges, that becomes harder work. You are doing so well, ya lucky thang ;) I posted a blog today too about the small things. They all add up to a big difference!

  6. LOVE this post. It makes me smile. HURRAH for all the blessingssss!!!! :-D

    GOOD LUCK for hubby's new business and your surgery!!!

  7. Tint

    ((HUGS)) back. I read your smile post. It was lovely. Then I forgot totally to reply! Thanks for the good luck wishes. Keep the luck rolling! :-D

    It's a bit like the Beautiful things. :-) Thanks for the good luck wishes. ((hug))

  8. Comments are optional, my friend. Sending smiles your way. Keep the luck rolling! Hey... think if you roll the luck that end and I roll it this end, the luck will meet in the middle and create one big luck-ball =Þ Hm... profound, right? haha!

  9. Hi Michelle, I really like the message here. Very nice post! I've been working on my positive thinking too, also with great (small) results, so I can vouch for it! ;-)

    PS: Your latest photo's are beautiful. J.

  10. Tint

    LOL I like that image, I want a good luck snowball effect! You know, it rolls down the hill gettting bigger and BIGGER... :-D

    Hi Jacques
    Nice seeing you around again. :-)

  11. Many blessings indeed. Most of the time when I stop to think about it, I realize I have more blessings than I'll ever be able to count. :)

  12. Wow, Michelle, way to manifest!



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