Friday, 22 April 2011

Aberdeen in Bloom

Dad had to see the lung specialists this Wednesday. That meant a trip through to Aberdeen for a three hour visit to the hospital while dad had various breathing tests and X rays. He's been a bit better every visit so they only want to see him again in six months time.

This is the first time any of us have been in Aberdeen at springtime. We were all amazed at how different it looked from our autumn/winter visits. Virtually every bit of bare land along the city streets was crammed full of daffodils.

It was a warm misty morning that slowly cleared into a glorious spring day.

You can still see it's misty here...

but starting to clear.

The flowering cherry trees were breath-taking too.
I got the chance to photograph this one at some traffic lights.

and a close up...

We finished our visit with ice cream at the beach front before heading back home. It was a very good day. :-)


  1. How pretty! Sounds like a wonderful day! Happy Easter to you and your family, Michelle! :)

  2. so gorgeous spring photos..or is it summer feel already...simply wow pictures..

  3. Hope your Dad is feeling better. I love your new header

  4. It's like summer already there (at least for Sodankylä it's summer if there are so many flowers already) ha ha...glad to hear your Dad's been doing that well. :-D Happy Easter!!! I have to work tomorrow but at least the store's closed on Sun and Mon. :-D

  5. Michelle, my father is ailing too w/ Alzheimers. Those are some very nice pictures !

  6. Daisy
    The city was like a giant flower garden. I wish I could have taken more pics, but cities aren't geared for parking for photographer nuts! ;-)

    Hope you have a lovely Easter too. x

    Hi Earlie
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I had a look at your new blog. Very nice! I will be back to read when I can. :-)

    I hope you have a lovely half Easter holiday (Sun-Mon). The snow is all gone here except on the mountains, but it can be snowy in April here in Scotland. We are having a very warm spring so far.

    Hi Vince
    Sorry to hear about your dad. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you and your kids have a happy Easter.



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