Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yesterday, Tomorrow... Today

Yesterday, Tomorrow...

Tomorrow we bury my mother-in-law. I've tried a dozen times to write a post about her leaving us, but nothing seems to fit. She was here, just a few days ago, now she's gone. As much as we'll all miss her I'm glad it's over. The hospital staff were wonderful and made her last month as bright and gentle as possible, but waiting to die is never going to be an easy journey.

Tomorrow I'll have new stories to tell and memories of all those Yesterdays to share, but Today I'm finding myself thinking about how often we forget that Today really is a gift...

... so this video is for all my friends and family who have battled cancer and won... or lost. However many Todays your life gives you, may you find Love, Peace and Joy in every single one.



  1. My deep condolences, M. Life is really fleeting (yet due to that, it makes it even more precious, doesn't it?). Just two days ago I heard of a friend's nephew's sudden death at the age of 16 due to an accident. :-((( It sent shivers down my spine...

    My thoughts are with you all...

  2. How sweet of her to wait for the anniversary to pass, and perhaps to share a bit in it.

    The transition is never easy, even after a long battle with illness. Everyone involved suffers and struggles with the illness and even with the feelings of relief when the battle ends, as this one did.
    Is it fair to feel relief? Yes, because, your mother-in-law felt it too. And now she is on her adventure, painfree and joyous.
    Those left behind will heal. Over time the bitter sweet memories will just be sweet and warm. But for now, the rituals, the goodbyes and the weeks of pondering, remembering, warm loving thoughts and little regrets. The resting of the weary mind, broken heart and the tired bodies. The daily routines will set things right and life will return to normal.

    Blessings and my condolences to you all in this trying time.


  3. Wishing you deepest sympathy, Michelle. Thinking of you and yours.

    Thank you for sharing that video. I really liked it.

  4. Know how you feel, Michelle, and I'm thinking of you Today and the next Todays!
    With spring here, we have to look to the new life around us; the Dog Violets, Speedwell, an those other Spring flowers around us.

    Irish legend tells us to look for Butterflies, as these resemble the souls of those who have died. In the Common Blue I see my mum, who died at Easter in 2009, and my dear Francis, who died 2 months ago, will be the Red Admiral.
    This helped me a lot with my mother's death in those 2 summer's past. Hopefully it will do the same for the loss of my husband.
    I still feel as if the ground is disappearing from underneath my wheels though.
    I wish you many Todays to come and that you'll meet strength and smiles and love.
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  5. Yoke

    That's such a beautiful idea. Thank you for stopping by to share it and to share your own sorrow. All my love to you.



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