Monday, 25 April 2011

Sunny Day Adventures

Easter Friday was such a glorious sunny day that hubby and I decided to go for a walk. We chose a new spot along the coast, where the gorse was blazing in all its golden coconut-scented glory.

The path seemed to go on forever...

But tantalising views kept luring us on...

Could you resist a view like this?

The way down wasn't without hazards. These rocks and pebbles were wonderful to look at, but not so great to walk on!

Here's the view looking out from where I stood on those pebble-stones. You can see how they spread out into the rock pools.

Beyond the pebbles and the rocks the beach was calling...

...a gateway into a secret world.

...with the most amazing cliffs of yellow and amber sandstone.

Just look at those colours! They were even brighter in real life without the sun glare bleaching them out.

Align RightOn the cliffs we could see tiny white spots... seabirds nesting. They weren't seagulls - the were Fulmars - cousins of the Albatross and Petrels.

I went for a wade through the rock pools...

The water was so clear you can hardly see where this seaweed is beneath the water and where it is still on dry sand.

It was a perfectly magical day on a perfectly magical beach.



  1. WOWWWW!!! IT IS such a magical place. God is really the most WONDROUS Creator of all! :-D THANKS for sharing the pic. I felt as if I had been there myself. :-D

  2. How gorgeous, Michelle! What a lovely spot. :)

  3. So so beautiful! Those beaches are stunning! So did you swim? ;)

  4. Tint

    LOL I was tempted, but I haven't been in a swimsiut in about 15 years so the thought is pretty scary!

    The water is COLD, like Cape Town, but in the shallow pools where I was wading the sun had warmed it to really nice. It would have been nice to wallow in those pools.



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