Monday, 30 May 2011

Bouncing Back

Just a short note to say I'm still around, but no luck yet on figuring out help for my hands-feet pain-numbness issue. The blood tests came in today and my thyroid was ok, so... I go back to the doctors again tomorrow to start all over again. :-\

Typing is slow as my hands feel numb and some fingers won't bend properly. I can use a mouse ok, so at least I can move about and get some stuff done, but typing is not fun. I am working on some art stuff and will try to get that up on my blog this week, but for now typing long stuff is just too much effort. Hopefully I'll be bouncing back to good health soon!

And talking of bouncing and back... the rabbits are back in our garden. :-) I haven't been able to get any good photos yet, but I did find one of our buns starring in a YouTube video. Honestly, I swear the rabbit in this 'Simon's Cat' cartoon is Bun Boy! ;-)



  1. sorry to hear that the doctors have been unable to find an answer, yet, Michelle. My thoughts are with you.

    Love that Bun has returned yet again!

  2. It's really frustrating when nobody seems to know what's going on. Hope they do find out what's going on sooner than later, though. Take GOOD care. I'm going away for a few days but I'll be back...

    The cartoon is SO cute. :-D

  3. Hayden and Amel

    Sorry I took so long to reply. Thanks for the wishes.



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