Monday 9 May 2011


I've finally finished a YouTube presentation (one of my poems) that I started over a year ago. I owe several friends and family a BIG thank you for sharing their photos and I also owe them an apology for making them wait this long to finally see the video. The free music choices were a bit limited, but I got lucky to find a group I love (Ladysmith Black mambazo) singing a song that fitted far better than I expected.


  1. Made me misty eyed Michelle, it was beautiful.

  2. SUPERB presentation, M! I can relate to the feeling of "being another race in a homeland filled with natives". The song is also very stirring. LOVE their voices!!!

  3. Ah my friend, I'm so glad you made the video. Loved the music with it and the photos. Had a little 'hartseer' moment while watching. Very nicely done. Thank you on behalf all the other African souls.

    Much love!

  4. Beautiful. It has touched me with a haunting echo.

  5. Hi Lor

    Me too and I made it! Thanks again for the great photos. I've been wanting to make up something like this for years, but never had any decent photos of scenery that fitted what I had in mind.

    ((hug)) Yes, it's really about never fitting in because others won't let you, isn't it? And that's what gets frustrating and hurtful, because the reasons why other people think others are "different" or don't belong are usually pretty petty and stupid.

    I had some hartseer moments putting that together myself. (((hugs)) for another wandering African soul.

    Hi Imp
    Thank you. How's life in your far flung heart-home? Hope the 'pack' are settling down to normal life now. x

  6. My soul was also left in Africa, lovely video, thank you x

  7. Made me cry :). Thank you.



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