Sunday, 22 May 2011

Quick Update

Sorry I've been so quiet. My hands are still acting weird and typing is slow. I'm still waiting for my blood test results, due to some problems. The doctor is pretty much sure it's either the fibromyalgia or thyroid. I won't know which for at least 10 more days, which is annoying as the pain is waking me up a lot and the numbness makes doing things with my fingers tricky.

I'm a grumpy ill sore person, so hubby is taking me out for a picnic today. Yay! :-) I'm off to pack the sandwiches and enjoy the day. If I get good photos I'll post them this week.

enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are!


  1. SORRY to hear about your pain still and that you have to wait for the result...YAAAAYYY for thoughtful hubby!!! Go out there, enjoy the weather and stop typing!!!!

    Hope they get a proper and accurate diagnosis for you so they know what to do...

  2. hope you find healing soon, Michele. You're a great photographer, so greedy me is looking forward to the results of your adventure...

  3. Glad you are getting out for some relaxing fun xo ...thats a good hubby you got there .. He's a keeper :)

  4. Oh,that was me lol Kim

  5. I hope they figure it out,and you feel better soon, Michelle.

  6. Thank you my friends




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