Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Fickle Fingers

I'm doing a bit better with my hands, since I've been wearing wrist splints at night I can actually sleep again and now have some definite news to share at last. :-)

I went through to the big hospital in Aberdeen on Monday and had a full set of tests. I've been scanned, electrocuted (*in small doses!) and had pins stuck into me. The 'electrucution' was part of a Nerve Conduction test - layman here describing just what I watched and sort of understood. They check for the nerve responses in each finger and from several different points on the hand. By reading the electric current feedback they can tell where the nerves are blocked or damaged. It wasn't painful, more like fizzy electric shock... like this in your hand and fingers.

The result is that it is definitely not my neck or spine, which is a relief. I have severe carpel tunnel and only surgery will fix it - for both hands. So... now I wait and see what the neurologist decides on the findings. I'm due to see my new doc next week to discuss this. I also want to talk to her about the meds I'm on. I'm on three strong medications and would like to get off them if I can. There's a chance at least one of them is redundant now they know what's wrong with me.

Typing is better, but still not something I can do for long so I'll have to stop now.

My love and best festive greetings to all



  1. So good that they finally are starting to figure things out for you, Michelle. I hope the surgeries go well for you.

  2. I'm glad they finally found out what was causing it. Hope you can cut back on the meds and that the surgeries go well.

  3. Glad they are starting to figure out what's wrong - good luck with moving forward!

  4. Hi Michelle. Sounds positive (v. glad to hear). Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays to you too!


  5. Thank you, my dear friends.

    Love, hugs and best festive wishes to you all. XX



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