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I wrote a post for my Thimbles blog (scheduled for this friday) about Janus, the Roman god of doorways. He's the one who gave January its name. It got me thinking about New Year's Eve and how Janus stands in the doorway looking back and forward to protect travellers.

New Year's Eve is a doorway and we are the travellers.

A few months back a friend sent me an email about 2012. He was wondering what next year would hold for our planet, considering how weird the weather has been this year. He knew about my vision of the Earth as a person and he wondered if I'd seen/felt anything else recently.

Could I ask Earth herself what was going on and would she reply? I decided to give it a try and... I got an answer. I shared it with two friends and they wrote back to suggest that I put it on my blog. I was so busy with my hands that I forgot, but the closer I get to that January doorway the more I feel I should share what I saw. Here it is, exactly as I first wrote it down, pasted this from my email:

I managed to find some quiet time this morning to meditate and asked Earth Mother what all our weird weather means.

I was taken down into the ground. At first it was like floating-plummeting down a mine shaft, or a deep hole. I came into caves or caverns, all very dark! It was as if I had a tiny torch, so I could only get small glimpses of what was around me. I saw pictures on the walls. A flash of a face that reminded me of Tutankhamen. More "bits" that looked Egyptian, but then pictures that reminded me of paintings I've seen from ancient Crete. They looked like paintings or mosaic. The one I saw very clear was a big fish, like a tuna. Above and below were bands of design, like Cretan or Grecian geometric patterns.

I floated on into a new cavern, carved out like a giant room. There were pillars that seemed made of clay or stone. They were Cretan in design. In the corner of this cavern room was a big raised oblong hole, like the base for a bed, but molded or carved from the stone floor itself. I tried to ask about this oblong and the place, this room. When I thought 'room' I heard words, "womb", "room" and "tomb". I felt amusement from whoever said the words, because of the fact I couldn't get it clear which word was right. In a way, they all were right, because a "room" in the centre of the earth is both a "womb" and a "tomb" really.

I heard, "ATLANTIS" softly spoken, but clear. A woman's voice. I think part of what I saw/was shown were ancient ruins yet to be discoverer and yes, I think part of them was a tomb and part a temple.

I went down deeper. I saw lava at times, but it was far off, down side tunnels I wasn't travelling through. I saw white cities in the dark, but I knew they weren't here. They were little pictures, almost like bubbles or TV screens, on which I could see another world. Another Earth. These cities were all white, with high buildings and low, and above them there were orbs of white light that lit them up the same way our cities use streetlights, but these lights were floating and they seems to sparkle slightly, a bit like some fireworks.

Down deeper I saw the belly of a huge white reptile above me. Huge as in as wide as a bus and looped up into the endless darkness. There was a line of red along the belly crease and some blood dripping. I realised it had been cut. Then I was standing further back and could see that it was a huge white snake curved up into a loop - I got the word "OUROBOROS", which I know. The snake holding its tail is in every culture of the world and in most cases represents the continual cycle of Nature, Life, Seasons, etc. It can symbolise all being one, reincarnation too.

Then I saw who had cut it - it was one of the forms I see Mother Earth/Earth Mother as... the goddess Durga. In one of her hands she held up a silvery sword and I knew she had cut ouroboros. I could see the slice was very fine, but had still managed to sever the snake almost through. Only the skin on it's back was holding it together. There was no anger or fear in this cutting. Nothing 'bad' in either her or the snake. It was more like seeing a surgeon cut into a patient. I think the Earth cycles, weather cycles maybe, are being cut through, but this isn't something bad or fearful. It is necessary.

Then I saw the oceans and all the dolphin and fish were swimming in one direction. They were swimming into a huge spiralling "hole", like when the water spirals out of a bathtub, except this spiral was on its side and within the ocean!!! It was huge. A whale could easily swim into the spiral hole. I was taken with them and found myself surfacing on a coastline. The water around me was so pure and pristine in sparkled.

...and then I was back in the dark hearing "womb" and it was over.

I still have no idea what some of it means; symbols can translate many ways. All I know for certain is the Truth never scares. Our fears scare us, they are the "monster under the bed". The Truth, as Jesus said so long ago, sets you free. Trust your heart to tell you what is true.

Wombs and tombs? Birth and death? Or maybe just a doorway? Janus understood that every doorway meant the death of the old and the birth of the new. The fish and dolphin went through a kind of doorway. What lies behind the door for 2012? The unknown can seem scary, but the unknown is also exciting.

It's the way every adventure starts...


  1. Hi Michelle, very glad you posted this. I think there are very important clues here, whichever way we interpret them (or "feel" them) and I think that intuitively the message is one of mystery, but of understanding (even if that may possibly be on a somewhat subconscious level).

    "All I know for certain is the Truth never scares..."

    So True :-)

    Looking forward to seeing what the unknown reveals in 2012.


  2. What an interesting vision, M. And I've always loved "The truth shall set us free". :-D

    Cheers to the upcoming year with all its surprises!

  3. Hi J~J

    Thanks. :-)

    I hope 2012 brings you loads of good surprises.

    thank you and wishing you a very happy new year! :-)

  4. Thanks for posting this, Michelle.

    I linked to it from my post f2012, welcoming the New Year :-)

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