Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Beautiful Ballet

The beauty of human creativity and courage.


Tint~ said...

I'm glad you posted this :) They're amazing!

Michelle said...

I forgot to add you sent it to me. Thanks Tint!

I forgot because I was having such a fight with YouTube. The first version was HUGE, then it was postage stamp video screen. lol

Tint~ said...

*chuckles* No problem at all. After all, I didn't credit the person who sent it to me ;) I'm just glad it made an impression. Youtube has its moments, that's for sure.

Bogey said...

Wow! Inspirational, graceful and humbling. The woman in tears said it all.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Just goes to show you what you can do if you set your mind on something!

Thanks for your votes in that wanky blog contest. :)

Amel said...

VERY passionate and beautiful. I'm teary-eyed here...THANKS for sharing!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Bogey

I'm glad they cut to the audience like that, it added depth to the experience.

Hi Angie
We all need reminding not to accept limitiations... except maybe when blog voting? lol ;-)

It got me teary-eyed too. :-)

Connie said...

Amazing and inspiring. :)