Monday 26 January 2009

How now, Brown Cow!

Yesterday was the first day of the new Chinese year. We've finally left the frantic finance-obsessed Rat year and have entered the year of the Earth Ox, or Brown Cow, to be more traditionally correct .

To celebrate I'm posting pictures of my favourite bovines - Highland cattle... called Hielan' Coos in Scotland. I suppose that makes this a broon Coo year? ;-)

These are photos of mama and baby coo and baby coo's nose. He looked like a teddy bear, but petting him he felt like straw.



  1. Happy Coo Year!!! ;-D

    They look CUTE! ;-D

    Btw, why don't you try and find R2 in his old pics in my latest post? ;-D

  2. Oh they're are lovely! And look at their colour!!! I wanna touch their skin!

  3. Gong xi fat choy, Michelle! Gong xi fat choy!

    Enjoyed the wee coo's nose, too.

  4. Amel
    Happy Coo year to you and R2! Which sort of rhymes :-))

    I went and had a quick look... I haven't a clue which is R2. :-\

    Hi Burcu
    They are so cute and they are such lovely colours, but I'm afraid their hair is actually stiff and hard. I thought they would feel soft. :-(

    Thank you Martha/Sofie
    Wee coo was a real charmer!

  5. they are so very very cute animals :)

  6. Hi Curious Curandera
    Thanks. :-)

    Hi Ghost Dancing.
    You're right, they are very cute.

  7. Coolest coos! Ha-ha! I remember "meeting" a few very tame ones at a farm while I visited the Highlands in 1997.

  8. Awww....they look so cuddly! :D I've never seen cows that look like that! Happy New Coo Year to you too!

  9. I for got too that they are fairly small too, which also makes them seem cute. You get pale creamy ones and black ones, but the toffee and gold browns are the most common colours.

  10. I for one am happy to leave last year behind.

    I've seen some of those beautiful cattle on my last trip to the Puget Sound area of the state of Washington on an island called Lopez. These cows were dark brown and so cool looking.

  11. I've only seen dark brown once. They're all pretty, but I must admit the black isn't as cute a colour for a fuzzy coo as the nice warm "edible" colours like chocolate and toffee browns.

  12. ()/\_/\()
    | . . |
    ( o o )
    | | | |
    ww ww

    how now little brown cow?

  13. Hi Lynn


    Cute cow, pity you can't centre text here in reply, that would line up the ears better.


    sideways crow in repayment ;-)



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